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Thanks to social media and the web there’s no shortage of design inspiration. Yet when it comes to good, solid information on how to achieve the best results in your own work, the Internet is eerily silent. Can you add foil to digitally printed pieces? If so, how? How do you get a perfect-binding-like spine for a fraction of the cost? What’s the best way to add scent to your print creations? The answers to these questions and a host of others can be found in our PRO Tips, just one of the time- and money-saving benefits you’ll enjoy on becoming a PaperSpecs PRO member.

Each week PaperSpecs Founder Sabine Lenz reveals what you need to know to transform the designs you envision into tangible realities. Here are just a few of the PRO Tips she’s shared in recent months:

  • Digital Raised Ink: Lessons from the Trenches
  • Discover the Power of Synthetic Papers
  • 5 Tips for a Triumphant Mailing Tube
  • How to Match 90% of Pantone Colors on Digital Print Runs
  • 4 Benefits to Using Tip-ons (Plus Some Tips!)
  • How to Kick “Sleeking” up a Notch!

Best of all, when you use these PRO Tips with other membership benefits such as the latest swatchbooks and the ability to get personalized paper help by email from our PRO Concierge, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with your next project.


Ready to see how much easier a PaperSpecs PRO membership can make your professional life?





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