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Best of Kevin Cantrell

kevin_cantrellAround the halls of PaperSpecs Towers, no other artist sends our hearts to the rafters faster than Salt Lake City’s Kevin Cantrell. Perhaps it’s because he appreciates that typography is an art form. Perhaps it’s because each engraved print he creates carries with it the spark of the divine. Maybe it’s just because we know a genius when we see one. (PayPal payments …

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Mohawk Redesigns Swatchbooks

Mohawk Carnival + Via SwatchbookMohawk has never been afraid to try new ways to get designers excited about their papers, whether it’s publishing the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, or providing special subscription grab bags of its most sought after treasures. Recently, Mohawk announced that it’s at it again, launching a redesigned series of …

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Identity for an African King

koenig bansah identityIdentity materials are ambassadors for a wide range of people and interests, though admittedly their end goal is usually to part you from your wages. However we occasionally discover pieces that serve a higher purpose, and fire up our imaginations about the person or company they represent. Julian Zimmermann’s work for Koenig Bansah does …

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Business Cards of the Week

serendipite cardHowever much the modern world nudges us to beam, tap, and otherwise digi-kiss our devices together to exchange contact info, we remain firm believers in the beauty and creativity of the humble business card. And judging by the various amazing and intricate forms it takes these days, we’re not alone. Here are this week’s standouts.

Alter Edit

This one is as bittersweet as it is attention grabbing – a design studio’s card that “spins” …

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Moleskine & Creative Cloud

Moleskine Creative Cloud notebookAfter two years of grumblings between Adobe and Creative Suite users over its switch to the online subscription model of Creative Cloud, we forget how wonderful it is to see the software giant playing nicely with someone. Today, that someone is Moleskine. The paper notebook maker unveiled a Creative Cloud …

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Branding Bride & Groom

Lindsay and Ryan's Wedding InvitationsIn a society so informal that people’s Facebook photos are frequently the ones they use on their business’ website, there’s something slightly ridiculous about the arch formality of most wedding invitations.

More importantly, you rarely get a real sense of the two people at the center of all the attention. You certainly can’t say that about Atheneum Creative‘s wedding suite for

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