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Make it PRO for the Holidays

snowflakesEver wish you could make the work of the paper professional in your life just a little bit easier? For less than $20 a month (or just $158.40 a year), you can do just that with the gift of a PaperSpecs PRO membership.

With it, they gain instant access to:

  • A paper concierge standing by to answer all of their paper-related questions
  • Hard-to-find mill swatchbooks and drool-worthy promotions
  • A 4,300-plus paper database to make spec’ing paper …
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2015 Letterpress Calendar

mrcup_letterpress_calendar_125If you were to hold a gun to our heads and demand that we name our favorite designer of 2014, we’d probably sputter out “Fabien Barral aka MR CUP.” (Though if you think you are likely to do this, please check your firearm in the lobby of PaperSpecs Towers.) In terms of people who consistently produce work we’d actually put …

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Iggesund’s Holiday Cards

iggesund_cards_125Everyone has a few things they look forward to with the approach of the holiday season: the smell of homemade cookies; twinkling lights; that scene from “The Snowman” that seems almost too beautiful for words. For us, one of those things is the opportunity to see what Iggesund has come up with this year for their annual display of Christmas artistry. Here are …

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40 Days of Dating

40_days_dating_125Sagmeister & Walsh principal Jessica Walsh continues to the blur the lines between design and celebrity with “40 Days of Dating,” the companion book to her online experiment with fellow designer Timothy Goodman. Last year, the friends decided to date, recording every interaction and …

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Hand illuminated Tolkien Book

hand_illuminated_tolkien_125“Why do you work in print when there’s greater demand in digital,” is a question that comes up with some regularity these days. The question itself reveals why it can never truly be answered to the asker’s satisfaction – it completely misses the visceral, organic link between designer and the designed. This was something that occurred to us when we happened across Benjamin Harff’s hand illuminated copy of JRR Tolkien’s “The Silmarillion.”

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Calendar Crushes 2014 (Pt. 2)

swatchbook_calendar_125As the days of this year dwindle down to a precious few, we conclude our look back at the calendars that made our hearts go “pitter pat” in 2014 with three more humdingers. And you can check out “Calendar Crushes 2014 Part 1″ right here. (You can also browse through

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