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3 Pieces of Paper Whimsy

Memo truckWe never tire of seeing what artists and small companies manage to create for our enjoyment out of paper, be it out-of-left-field stationery, unusual gift wrap or stylish page markers. Here are three offerings that put a smile on our faces (and might soon put a dent in our wallets).

Sticky Page Markers

Duncan Shotton in Tokyo is currently Kickstarting 10 different sets of whimsical …

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Glorious GBOX Identity

GBOX identityWe appreciate exquisite. We’ve acquired a taste for subtle. But every now and then it’s nice to let our hair down and experience a collection of identity materials that feel like an explosion in an idea factory. Branding firm Bratus – based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – went wild with their materials for …

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Typodarium 2015 Calendar

Typodarium 2015 CalendarCalendars are like catnip to many designers, more so when typography is the theme. Recognizing this, German typography and design blog Slanted creates a calendar every year based on typefaces submitted to it by loyal readers. Typodarium 2015 is a classic one-page-per-day tear-off calendar featuring 365 fonts, with the day on the front in that day’s type, and more information about it on the back. This includes how it originated and …

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Clever Golf Book Package

Golf Kohler in the New and Old WorldsWhether your take on golf is that it’s a “pastime of joy” or “a great walk spoiled,” we’re sure you will find much to admire in StudioSaal’s 6-book, 308 page history Golf Kohler in the New and Old Worlds. Together, the books explore the five 18-hole courses owned by bathroom fixtures company …

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A Little Gold’s a Big Deal

Art prints with gold ink hand appliedPerhaps in the everything-digital era in which we live, we’re predisposed to finding the most minimal of elements…striking. Artist Teresa Esgaio has completely reinvigorated her hand-drawn sketches by manually applying a single gold accent to each digital reproduction, limited to 100 copies of each. Dubbing them “Au” prints (after …

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GPA to Distribute Cloth Substrates

GPA announces partnership with Holliston to distribute cloth substratesGPA’s announced an exclusive partnership deal with Holliston that will enable it to provide textured cloth substrates for offset, screen, and HP Indigo digital printing – this last including Impressions and Pinnacle canvas sheets. And GPA’s lost no time in adding some of those products to its roster of offerings, including the following for HP Indigo:

  • Ultra Digital 10 Mil Pinnacle White Cotton Canvas in 12″ …
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