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Into the Dragon’s Lair with BOID

boid identityIf you’re going to tout yourself as THE online journal of impressive branding examples, you naturally have to make sure your own branding passes the swoon test. We think it’s safe to say that BOID Journal has more than met this challenge with gusto, panache…and dragons. Crafted by Russian design studio Eskimo, the …

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Cool Cards of the Week

design studio business cardBusiness cards continue to capture our imaginations and inspire our sense of experimentation this week, with laser cuts taking center stage. Join us as we get our hands dirty under the hood, soar up above the clouds with an airline, and come crashing down to earth in time to run screaming for the exit. (Remember that the nearest one may be right behind you…)

Auto Industry Business Card

It …

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Infinite Letterpress Calendar

infinite letterpress calendarOccasionally we come across a piece of print magic so sublime we drop to the floor in a dead faint and must be helped away to a dark and quiet meeting room in which to recover (preferably with a plate of leftover meeting cookies). KeeganMeegan’s too-cool-by-half “Infinite Lunar Tracking Device” was the cause of our most recent “touch of the vapors,” and is it any wonder?

This 5″-x-7.5″ piece is letterpress printed …

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Cool Cards of the Week

3d folding business cardCreatives continue to distill their imagination and skills into business cards that fit neatly into the palm of your hand. This week, we flip for a flip-book portfolio, pack up for a shipping company, and get chippy with an interior designer.

Flip-book Business Card

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New Shade for Rolland Enviro Digital

Rolland Enviro DigitalThe eco-minds at Rolland have just combined Enviro100 Digital Print and Satin, meaning the digital version now matches the rest of Rolland Enviro’s new blue-white shade. Despite a whiter sheet with a 92% brightness, we’re still talking paper that’s FSC certified, processed chlorine free, and crafted from 100% post-consumer fiber.

(PRO members: To get to the bottom of what “brightness actually means, check out this short …

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Canada’s Passport to Awesome

Canadian VisaThere’s a reason you don’t see a lot of government print work oohed and ahhed over. Design by committee is bad enough, but with the taxpayer grumpily peering over your shoulder counting every dime, how can you be expected to produce quality work? Yet a recent post on Reddit has people stunned by at least one piece of officialdom: the Canadian passport.

When …

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