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[Video] The Disguised Portfolio

portfolioThere’s no shortage of creative designers out there, which is why we see so many imaginatively designed résumés these days. But we really must doff the cap to Danish art directors René Schultz and Casper Christensen. Knowing the esteem in which Austrian advertising magazine 

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Retro Cardboard iPad Cover

Cardboard Safari TV iPad CoverCardboard continues to be the material of choice for alternative, eco-friendly tools for modern life. Last time around it was a cardboard standing desk and bicycle shopping carrier. This time: a surprisingly detailed cardboard iPad case that transforms your electronic companion into a snazzy retro television set.

Though we do have some way to go …

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LED-like Paper Calendar

LED-like Paper CalendarAs many are putting the finishing touches on their calendars, we continue to frantically search for inspiration…and find it again and again. This time out it’s a 100% paper based desk calendar with a decidedly 8-bit, LED feel. Dublin design student Stuart Greer’s creation features 365 cards that are color coded and contain …

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Tie the Knot Invitation

Tie the knot invitationWhether it’s corporate soirees or a good friend’s wedding day, designers probably produce more invitations in a lifetime than any other type of paper craft. And while you can often cadge a decent budget for the former, personal and charitable projects tend to carry the meagerest of budgets. What we liked about the following invitation was just how creative the designer was able to be without breaking the bank.

Graphic designer Cristina …

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Rolland Enviro: 92 Brightness

Rolland Enviro paperRolland’s Enviro Print and Copy papers are inching up the brightness ladder from 90 to 92 – pretty bright indeed. Note that Satin was already perched atop the brightness scale at 92. (PRO members: Get to the bottom of what all this talk of “brightness” actually …

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Making of ‘Print Matters’ Poster

Print Matters poster“Print Matters” is the name of a traveling event orchestrated by the French Paper Co. and Mama’s Sauce, two companies that spend each day proving just that. Richmond designer/illustrator Justin Tran was invited to speak at the Oct. 16th “Print Matters” event at Virginia State University, and developed a …

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