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Adding Metal to Digital Printing

metal_125Digital printing continues to open up new possibilities – so much so that you never know what the next innovation will bring. Take Digital Metal: an off-line machine that applies foil to paper and paperboard packaging. The result is a partial metallization that achieves a high-gloss level unobtainable even by metallic inks, according to the company.

The technology provides gold or silver foil, as well as “diffractive designs with …

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Puzzling Volkswagen Ad

volk_125We sometimes lament the popularity of the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words,” mostly when we come across something that really requires a bit of an explanation. This clever ad campaign  by Ogilvy & Mather’s Cape Town, South Africa office is a real jigsaw puzzle with one piece devilishly replaced with something dangerous. The tagline? “Just because it fits, doesn’t mean it’ll work. Choose Volkswagen Genuine Parts.”

Perfection! Yet good luck …

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Origami Elephant Calendar

elephant_125Hong Kong’s Pop&Zebra developed this fun and simple 2014 desk calendar using illustrations of elephants solicited from their Facebook fans. Each calendar was sent to one of their clients in a bespoke wooden box, and included a single hand-drawn origami elephant, as well as a personal message.

Sadly, the elephant theme was meant to bring a few of the noble beasts into the world, even if only in paper form, because of mankind’s …

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Beautiful World Cup Chart

cup_125However short our attention span when it comes to sports, one way to snap us right back to attention is with a print piece of this  quality and detail. Hold off on the paper and printing process for just a moment and notice that this chart of World Cup matches is designed in the shape of the World Cup trophy and the famous Christ the Redeemer statue that looms over Rio de …

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Paper Book Animations

pop_125Today’s over emphasis on digital technology seems to be spurring a backlash of creativity on the paper front, if recent projects are anything to go by. Animation on your computer or smartphone screen – not that big a deal. Animation on the pages of your paper book – huge deal!

Artist Rafael Parra Toro has gone back to the moiré effect to create a tome called The Pop on Op book. …

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AIGA’s 2014 Design Salary Survey

salary_125Every year, those of us who spend much of the year secretly suspecting that we’re not getting paid quite as much as we should get a chance to confirm or disprove that notion, thanks to AIGA. This year’s Survey of Design Salaries probably holds few surprises for most people.

All amounts given are median numbers for total cash compensation, which is why, for example, “agency creative or design director” comes in at an even $100k. You …

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