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Jessica Simpson Wedding Invitation

Jessica Simpson Wedding InvitationIf you’re an avid follower of celebrity culture, the first thing you might’ve thought upon hearing of Jessica Simpson’s recent wedding was wondering what her dress looked like, where she honeymooned, or indeed who the fellah was. (San Francisco 49ers tight end Eric Johnson, that last one.) If you’re a follower of all things paper, however. you might wonder instead what the wedding invitation of a $150 million entertainer actually …

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Cardboard Phone Projector

Firebox Cardboard Smartphone ProjectorAt times living with paper and the digital world is a lot like having two children who cause you daily heartache simply because they refuse to play nicely together. So when somebody creates a cleverly designed print product that holds out the olive branch to the electronic age, we are proud parents indeed.

The Cardboard Smartphone Projector could’ve been a clumsy, horrible product. But the folks at Firebox seem to have really …

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GPA Adds Mirri, MirriNor Boards

GPA Mirri and MirriNor BoardsThose looking to add a bit of metallic sparkle to their packaging now have two new options with the debut of GPA’s Mirri and MirriNor boards. Their metallic film surfaces mean you can use your existing inks to create a glittery range of colors for a variety of creative effects.

Here are the details direct from the mama sheet:

“The 12 pt. Silver and Gold …

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[Video] Inventive Business Cards

Inventive business cardsIf there’s one thing we love here at PaperSpecs Towers, it’s a business card that goes beyond the staid and functionary to become something approaching a work of art. Tim Rowett, resident toy expert at English novelty e-tailer Grand Illusions, apparently feels the same way. In this 9:44-minute look at some of his favorites, you get a good sense of just what can be done with …

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Typeforce 3 Catalog

Typeforce 3 catalogWith many events going the QR code-scan/app route these days, there’s something particularly satisfying coming across a real, honest to goodness paper exhibition catalog. And then there are the catalogs created for the annual Chicago “showcase of typographic all-stars,” Typeforce, by that city’s Firebelly Design.

The 6-by-9 inch, 140-page volume they cooked up for Typeforce 3 in 2012 remains a high-water mark for this type of piece.

Let’s start with the …

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Twig & Fig: Paper Passion

twig-n-fig-125Berkeley’s Twig & Fig – home of couture stationery that reminds us why it is we love paper so much in the first place – kindly welcomed PaperSpecs’ Sabine Lenz to hang out and geek out over print design. Many thanks to Suzie McKig (aka Twig) and Serge Vigeant (Fig) for giving her a guided tour of some of their prize creations…and understanding when she just had to hang onto an …

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