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Stickers Make Good Neighbors

Pumpipumpe stickersIf you think modern society has become a wee bit self-centered (and if you don’t, do please tell us where you live), you might be interested in a little experiment designed to bring communities closer together…using stickers.

Pumpipumpe – a project in Switzerland originally created to let cyclists know who in their neighborhood would be willing to lend them a bike pump – now provides people in that country and Germany with dozens of …

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IKEA Catalogs Mostly CG

IKEA Catalogs are Mostly Computer GeneratedIKEA catalogs have a delightful way of turning today’s “paper vs. digital” debate neatly on its head. Last year they came up with one of the best uses of augmented reality we’ve seen. And now we learn that of all the homey images in those simple-but-alluring catalogs, 75% are computer generated! As FastCoDesign explains:

“Yes, that means three out of four things you see in an …

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NewPage High Gloss Label Paper

NewPage Reflections high-gloss label paperFor many products, there’s no better way to add an extra touch of elegance than with a beautifully designed, luxurious label. Which is why NewPage has just launched Reflections, a 60 lb., high-gloss label paper designed for high-end wet glue and pressure sensitive applications that require a mirror gloss appearance. (And speaking of labels, don’t miss our free webinar on label design Sept. 11th!)

Pitched as an alternative …

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Holiday Card: All the Trimmings

Inkymole's metallic holiday cardThe holiday card that illustrator Sarah J. Coleman (aka Inkymole) sent to her 650 clients was a veritable kaleidoscope of glittering detail, and so intricate that a recipient would have to be a Scrooge indeed to ever part with it. The die-cut globe on the front alone featured metallic boards, foil stamping, metallic lithography, ribbons, jewels – pretty much all hand assembled.

Check out more photos and a …

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Paper Hammer Fools Airport Guard

3D paper hammer printed by an Mcor printerSure, we’ve all heard about those machines that print 3D versions of just about anything you can think of out of plastics and other hard materials: everything from car parts to (sigh) working guns. Yet Mcor Technologies makes a printer that creates 3D items out of paper by cutting, coloring and layering it. The resulting creations are so realistic, sometimes you have to actually handle …

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Must Have: Health & Beauty Packaging Portfolio


When you’re selling upscale health and beauty products, you really want your packaging to look every bit as lustrous and alive as the results you’re promising your customers. Which is why FiberMark’s luxury health and beauty secondary packaging materials are a vital part of any packaging plan in this $50 billion industry.

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