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Neenah Paper just gave digital printing a big vote of confidence with the addition of 70 new items to its Neenah Digital Papers line, including new colors and textures, as well as added sheet sizes and basis weights. The portfolio now includes 22 brands, 19 unique textures, 60+ colors, as well as multiple packaging and label options. Naturally, Neenah’s released an expanded Neenah Digital Papers swatchbook. And naturally, too, PaperSpecs PRO members can order their own copy for free – just one of dozens upon dozens of the latest swatchbooks available to PRO members without charge every year.


Why PRO Membership Pays
Sampling the paper you want to use for your latest project is getting downright expensive – you can easily pay $15–$20 per swatchbook for each paper line. The same holds true for those elegantly designed promos, too. In fact, keeping up with which swatchbook is the latest – it’s a job in itself. It’s our job, actually; just one of the many ways we help our many PRO members get their work done better and faster for less.

Order just a few swatchbooks and promos each year and your membership pays for itself! It’s like getting all the other PRO member benefits for free, including:

How it Works
It couldn’t be easier. As a PRO member you simply:

  1. Go to either our Swatchbooks or Promotions page
  2. Have a look around
  3. Click the “Request Your Copy Now” button for the items you want.

That’s it. In just a few days you will receive the swatchbooks and promos you’ve ordered directly from the paper mills for free.


Want to see how much easier Free Swatchbooks & Promos can make YOUR life?








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