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Coca Leaf Business Card

backpackers_125How do you differentiate your travel lodge from similar establishments in Lima, Peru? Well, if you’re Peruvian agency Lanfranco & Cordova, you convince your client, Kokopelli Backpackers Hostel, that it’s a good idea to create the world’s first business card…made from coca leaf.

Sure, we can tell you that this was done to help backpackers unused to the accompanying altitude sickness of the region get through their hike by chewing pieces of it. But really, all anybody’s going to focus on is “Hey, their cards are made of drugs!” 

According to

“The business cards were made of coca leaf so guests could detach their correct dose and keep the contact details of the hostel with them.”

Uh, where are the contact details…or did we eat those first?


A Business Card Game

biz_125Seeing every business card he handed out at developer conferences as a missed opportunity, game designer Manuel Correia transformed his own card into Contactics, a game that recipients can play at any big event. All they need is his card, and all the other cards they collect at these networking get-togethers. Sayeth Correia:

“This card represents what I like to do the most, and it was built around a solid core concept: More than just having ideas, I can develop them, use the limitations in place and work with what you have. It’s exactly the first impression I wanted to convey!”

Pretty clever :-)



Paper News

Wedding Invite at 45 RPM [Video]

record_125We’ve seen some impressive wedding invitations over the years, many of which have outlasted their subjects. Yet for all of their fine papers and folds, few can compare to Kelli Anderson‘s delightful one for her friends Karen and Mike. Check out the video below for the full effect. (And then check out the still-impressive Existential Calculator she came up with last year for Adobe. She’s got vision, this one.)

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The Ring’s the Thing

ring_125It seems to be a swell time to be a lover of business cards. They’re getting more and more sophisticated, playful, and above all, useful. Take this elegant affair from German ad agency Jung von Matt for the jewelry company Marrying.

Looking to buy your intended an engagement ring but not sure of her ring size? Slyly remove one of her existing rings (preferably while she’s engrossed in her favorite television program), roll up this business card, slide the ring on, and voila – you can instantly see the size. Thanks to an adhesive corner, the card will even remain in this “measuring stick” position indefinitely.

More awesome business card designs:



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MOO’s New Letterheads

moo_125If you’re looking for something a little more gorgeous for your letterhead, you might take a quick detour over to that home of all things gorgeous – MOO. That purveyor of slick postcards and business cards this month has added two new letterheads to its repertoire.

Custom-made with Mohawk Superfine, the new Luxe Letterhead is a 90 lb. sheet. The Classic Letterhead is an 80 lb. sheet printed on a French paper – MOO is the first to import it into the US and the UK. The new letterheads allow you to have a complete identity system printed on the same paper: note cards, business cards, postcards, letterhead and more.

Here are a few more letterhead details:

  • Come in packs of 50
  • Can be printed 4-color front and back
  • Each of those sheets can have a different image on the back
  • Matching No. 9 envelopes available in either straight or diamond flap.


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