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Spotlight: International Paper

When is the last time someone listened to you? Really listened to you? International Paper has been listening to your pleas for a paper that can endure the rigors of everything from embossing and foil stamping to scoring and lamination – all without breaking the bank. They heard those pleas and came up with a true heavyweight solution: Heavyweights by George.

Packaging at a Crossroads

Up till now, luxurious, well performing packaging at a price that still gives you market advantage simply did not exist. This means designers and printers have had to constantly ask themselves which is more important. Do you blow your budget to get that premium look and feel; or forfeit style and possibly jeopardize the brand’s integrity, all to stay cost competitive in today’s market?

Obviously working within your budget and giving your customer the ultimate experience are both important, but they also both come at a cost.

This is crucial as more and more designers shift into packaging. You need substrate choices that are sustainable while still keeping in mind the need for pleasing visual and tactile experiences. After all, your packaging is the face of your brand. You have to put your best face forward by printing with the packaging paper that will help you stand out in a crowded category.

But can luxury packaging really keep that same eye-catching “wow factor” without the big price tag? Can even the most mass-produced products really have the same custom-tailored packaging elements that fit your brand like your favorite pair of designer jeans?

Send in the Heavyweights

Knowing that you can’t afford to blow your budget on the substrate alone when crafting an attractive, durable package, International Paper has created the perfect solution in Heavyweights by George.

With this paper line you get it all:

  • Beater dyed colors for premium appearance throughout the sheet
  • Premium uncoated tactile finish
  • Wide variety of color capability ranging from Black, Natural Kraft, White, and every color in between
  • Outstanding converting performance in everything from embossing and foil stamping, to gluing and laminating
  • Superior strength that endures the rigors of scoring and folding without cracking
  • Excellent printability with multiple printing processes.


Archer Malmo Group Creative Director Billy Riley has been using these papers for more than a year now and says that he loves the results. “As designers, we relish the opportunity to create packaging using these colorful, uncoated Heavyweights because they create such a luxurious canvas for so many high-end printing processes.”

International Paper dug deep into its rich history at their Georgetown, S.C. mill, near the Atlantic coast, when designing Heavyweights by George. For more than 80 years, IP has supported this coastal city with its production of high quality paper products. Billy explains that the brand “is purposely tied in to the sea as a reference to the paper’s origin.”

Not surprisingly, this exciting paper line has been snapping up kudos inside the industry. The super-fun Heavyweights by George display piece (above) received 5 gold and 1 silver American Advertising Awards (formerly known as the ADDYs) among other prestigious honors.

It features six super-fun and imaginative packaging creations in a variety of shapes and colors, all neatly stowed in a stylish 6-pack carrier. (It was also a big hit with designers and printers alike at the recent HOW Design Live event in Boston.)

Heavyweights By George represents the notion of having it all—affordable, premium packaging grades. Ready to see what “having it all” looks like in person?

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