A Timely Use of a Timeless Art

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The Beauty of Engraving is an engaging and informative online resource brought to you by Neenah Paper. It is full of engraving examples, historical background, resources and contacts, along with technical tips and tricks. A different designer for each issue keeps it current and ensures new inspiration.

Neenah Paper, creating quality papers since 1873, also distributes CRANE Papers, 100% tree-free paper, made to withstand the test of time.

Neenah Paper and CRANE Papers have an intertwined history, joining together in recent years to form superior products with innovative and fascinating uses. Both companies have extensive histories in craftsmanship, excellent quality, perfection and distinction.


Typography becomes something extraordinary once you open up the possibility of engraving. That, along with the fact that it is no longer relegated to being just the go-to print process for conservative corporate stationery, provides an opportunity to create something really special, really unique.

Just ask Kevin Cantrell, art director, designer and letterer working at Hint Creative based in Salt Lake City, and curator of the current issue of BOE. “On a smaller scale, engraving is to a designer what a mural is to Leonardo; it adds a dimensionality that enlivens, aggrandizes, and perpetuates a designer’s vision. Typography is born into a breathing entity once augmented by the engraving process. The finished product thus becomes the very effigy of a designer. Nothing can replicate the precision, craftsmanship, and authenticity it brings. When I begin any project, I always look for an excuse to engrave and begin with that vision in sight. On a printed piece, if you’re going to sell any vision to the client, sell them the vision of engraving: a vision of perpetuity.”

And of course, the paper is also important. Neenah offers a full range of papers—different colors, textures and finishes—that wear engraving well, but 100% cotton papers are ideal for this application. Engraving is not something one does for a hobby. You have to respect it and love it. It’s got to be more than passion; it’s a need to create true beauty.

This is the fifth in a series of prints by renowned lettering artists and designers (Jessica Hische, Armin Vit, Erik Marinovich) commissioned by Neenah Paper to celebrate the eponymous site, Beauty of Engraving.

But if you want to hold this in your hands, you’d better hurry. This is a limited edition piece, so visit http://thebeautyofengraving.com/free-print/ quick as you can!





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