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Avery Products Corp.

At a time when technology has effectively de-souled and digitized the design of everything from business cards to music, handcrafted and artisanal products, as well as sites like Etsy and Artfire upon which they’re sold, are all increasing in popularity. And with this turn to quality materials, unique packaging labels are proving to be the “wow” factor that gets the work of artists and entrepreneurs noticed.

From retail stores to online boutiques, an eye-catching design combined with premium, professional-grade label stock can help products stand out from the competition. Premium branding labels can even elevate the perceived value of a product.

To that end, the AveryPRO line of pressure-sensitive stock is perfect for delivering the highest quality packaging labels to your customers. The product developers at Avery worked with printers nationwide to create substrates with outstanding print quality that will really give your clients the shelf appeal they’re looking for. AveryPRO pressure-sensitive substrates are engineered for HP Indigo and dry toner presses and perfect for short-run, print-on-demand requirements.


The wide selection of label stock provides consistent pre-die-cuts and long-lasting adhesives, along with the flexibility to cut down sheets to 8-1/2” x 11”. They’re available in multiple sizes of rectangles, circles and ovals in a variety of materials, including Kraft Brown, white glossy, white matte, and clear glossy.

Your clients will love being able to choose the exact style they’re looking for to give their brand the pop they need to stand out from the competition. AveryPRO substrates also offer exclusive Avery proprietary features and materials like Easy Peel and TrueBlock technology. Easy Peel allows you to quickly lift and apply labels without damage, while TrueBlock lets you cover up old labels and mistakes, or reuse boxes.

With free AveryPRO Press Align design templates, you can add visually stunning designs, while saving valuable prepress time and costs associated with alignment issues, error-related fixes and reprints. Automatically generate a 1-up template for a selected product, and with one click you can impose the design to a full-sheet panel with the most precise layout possible. And with the AveryPRO Adobe Extension you can get instant access to the entire catalog of AveryPRO templates, or download individual templates at

Visit for more information on the complete line of AveryPRO substrates.

That said, like any crafter of great paper design, you really need to see and feel these labels to appreciate the quality and distinction they bring to any project. Why not request a sample pack of versatile AveryPRO labels today?


Easy Peel and TrueBlock are registered trademarks, and AveryPRO Press Align a trademark, of Avery Products Corp.

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