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What is it that draws your eye to that one special package on the shelf? What makes you want to open that package to see what’s inside? Or, what is it about that cool craft beer label that somehow makes you thirsty?

2 Debbie

When it comes to packaging, you have about four seconds to capture a consumer’s attention. According to brand guru Debbie Millman, president of Sterling Brands, “In order to capture the consumer’s attention at shelf you have to be able to create an environment where they are seduced by what they see. The best way you can do that is with unique packaging, unique paper, unique printing. All of these things help break through so you’re able to engage the shopper as they’re walking by.”

3 Shelf2

The idea of standing out at shelf, or creating an unforgettable “unboxing” moment, is at the heart of Neenah’s new, dedicated site for packaging,

4 NeenahPkgHome

The development of this site is the logical next step for Neenah, a company that has been making premium paper for 140 years in Wisconsin, and who partners with leading brands such as Adobe, Ben & Jerry’s, Sephora, Terlato Wines and Van Cleef & Arpels.

5 Adobe

6 WineSpirits

Neenah Packaging specializes in premium packaging for high-end beauty and cosmetics; wine, spirits and craft beers; compact electronics; retail and more.

Want to join us for a quick tour?

7 Sample Selector

First let’s talk samples. Free samples! Working on a package design or need to make a comp? Visit the Sample Selector to choose from hundreds of samples for bags, box wraps, folding boards, gift card carriers, hang tags, labels and fragrance strips.

Looking for color?

8 Yellows
9 greens

Search Neenah’s brands by color to instantly see the wide variety of choices. Don’t see the exact color you need? Neenah Packaging has custom solutions available.

Do you want your customers to feel their hand glide across a super smooth texture, or feel their fingertips ripple over a highly tactile surface?

10 Touch

11 Ripple

From super smooth to raw, Neenah has over 30 high-touch textures. Want to see how a texture feels in your hands? Go ahead, order samples today!

Get inspired.

12 ByIndustry

While you’re touring the site, be sure to check out the photo-rich Inspiration Gallery where you can see dozens of premium packaging examples in all the market segments in which Neenah specializes, from brands in cosmetics and fragrances; consumer electronics; retail; and wine, spirits and craft beer.

13 Beer

14 Muffys

15 Sephora

How can Neenah Packaging help you package your promise?


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