‘The Design Collection Surface Issue’: An Exploration in Surface Design


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Neenah’s new promotional lookbook for The Design Collection is all about surface design. The Design Collection Surface Issue is a look at how conceptual aesthetics —through lines, texture, color, light and patterning — can allure, intrigue and provoke both hand and eye.

Now, if you’re a lover of luxurious papers, then you’re familiar with the “reach out and touch me” brands like STARDREAM, SO…SILK, PLIKE, ESSE, ASTROKING and the 10 other grades that make up The Design Collection. And if you know these papers then yes, you’ll want to get your hands on this new promotional lookbook.

First let us intrigue you with a quick flip through the book.



Now that we have your attention, let’s take a closer look at some of those elements that caught your eye.


The Design Collection Surface Issue focuses on five areas of design — Luxury, Form, Beauty, Function and Taste; characteristics that also apply to the papers found in The Design Collection. It includes a range of pearlized surfaces, unique textures and dramatic colors.

Auburne Gahlman, the Brand Manager from Neenah who has the enviable job of working with these papers on a daily basis, said of the book, “We wanted this to be a mood piece, a playful way to showcase surface design and a look at how papers and print techniques can combine to create a feeling. The pacing and surprise moments through the book tell a visual story, with textures adding an extra level of dimension to the design.”


Throughout the 30-page, 8.5-x-10.75-inch book, short sheets, overlays and die cuts interact with the design and the papers to create unexpected spreads. The iridescence of the ESSE Pearlized Latte on the left page gives an extra shimmer to a four-color image of lustrous pearls.


The book’s designer, Ellie McKenzie of Farmhouse Design, continued that feeling of luxury across the spread by creating a flysheet that looks like a fine, woven fabric. The embossed pattern on STARDREAM Fine Gold makes this paper look like an elegant silk scarf.


Who doesn’t love playing with texture and shimmer? Just a touch of magenta holographic foil adds colorful intrigue to the natural texture and shade of OXFORD Path. On the right page, a 6 inch area of solid metallic copper foil perfectly complements the luster of STARDREAM Copper. Flip that sheet to reveal even more shine with a gorgeously detailed four-color image on STARDREAM Quartz.


Yes, that is a cleverly disguised pop-out lipstick box hidden amongst a metallic silver pattern on the oh-so-vibrant SO…SILK Beauty Pink.


How do you bring a subtle floral design to life? Employ embossing and debossing to create hills and valleys that fingers can’t help but explore. We love how the soft black printing combined with the soft texture of CANALETTO Grana Grossa gives this page a vintage appeal.


Then there’s the traffic-stopping PLIKE Orange. This design uses color, weight and a geometric foil stamped pattern to create an unexpected sensory break between the soft, natural textures of EAMES on the left, and NATURAL EVOLUTION on the right.

Had enough of simply looking at this gorgeous issue? Ready to delight your fingertips by getting it into your hands? Enter to win one of 25 copies right now! Hurry, contest ends Sept. 21st!





EAMES, PLIKE, SO…SILK, STARDREAM, OXFORD, ESSE, ASTROKING are all registered trademarks of Neenah and Cordenons.






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