Make 2020 Sparkle With Diamond Print Glitter Paper


Spotlight: Convertible Solutions

There’s a certain look creative people get the moment they’re inspired, when suddenly they see a world of possibilities open up before their eyes. That look was everywhere at the recent PaperSpecs Live events in Chicago and San Francisco when people got their first look and feel of Diamond Print Glitter paper from Convertible Solutions.

That’s because everyone thinks they know glitter paper. It’s pretty, certainly, but the sparkly bits end up everywhere: on your hands, your clothes, in your hair – it’s always been more trouble than it’s worth. And actually printing on it? No press operator would come within 10 feet of that mess. But Diamond Print Glitter changes all that with the world’s only 100% non-shedding printable glitter papers and films.


Attention Getting Dazzle & Feel

With Diamond Print Glitter paper, you can create pieces that don’t just sparkle, but also add irresistible allure with a texture you won’t find anyplace else.

This enticingly chunky, 13 pt., 240 gsm (160 lb.) paper comes in a crisp Crystal white hue, available in dazzling 19-x-13-inch sheets. (Custom runs of 19-x-29-inch sheets are also available.) It adds an extra dimension to your already impressive design work, even as this extra thick stock appeals to the fingertips. Watch as new dimensions of your photography and artwork come to life when printed on this glimmering paper. You can even mimic the appearance of a spot-glitter treatment by using heavy ink coverage in other parts of the piece to bring out the sparkle of this eye-catching sheet.

Creative Versatility

With a complete line of products ranging from pressure-sensitive HP Indigo label stock (for digital printing) to 32 pt. board weight glitter sheets for packaging, you can use Diamond Print Glitter paper for a wide range of printing and converting projects, including:

  • Packaging
  • Envelopes
  • Tags
  • Labels
  • Displays

and more.

And when it comes to printing, it will take whatever you throw at it:

  • Offset
  • Flexo
  • Wide format
  • HP Indigo
  • Commercial dry toner

It also folds without cracking, doesn’t chip or burn when die or laser cut, and plays nicely with finishing techniques such as foil stamping and embossing.

Eco-Friendly Excitement

Diamond Print Glitter paper isn’t just dazzling, it’s also gentle on the environment. It’s:

  • Recyclable. Water based, environmentally friendly glues allow the glitter particles to release from the base paper, enabling a nearly 90% pulp recovery.
  • No shedding. The paper’s shed-free surface means no micro-plastic particles are released into the environment.
  • Responsible manufacturing. The proprietary, patent pending manufacturing processes involved utilize advanced material collection systems to minimize, collect and reuse materials during production.

Irresistible sparkle, no mess, and environmentally responsible? Isn’t it time that you saw what all the glittery fuss is about? Enter to win one of 100 Diamond Print Glitter swatchbooks from Convertible Solutions right now! Hurry, contest ends Jan. 23rd! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED.]


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