Rolland Enviro: Revisiting the Classics

Rolland Enterprises

Ten years after the introduction of the Rolland Enviro family, Rolland Enterprises launched a new version of Rolland Enviro Print and Copy papers, with an improved brightness of 92% G.E. As a result, Rolland Enviro Print, Satin, Copy and Cover are more versatile with a consistent and attractive shade.

A classic all its own, Rolland Enviro was the first North American uncoated fine paper product manufactured with 100% post-consumer fiber a decade ago. As per Normand Champagne, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, “The new campaign invites all our customers to rediscover the classics, whether in music, fashion, design or papermaking. The link between past and future is important for Rolland Enviro, strong in its achievements but confident about its future.”

White and Green
Whiter and highly sustainable, Rolland Enviro is at the forefront of innovation, with high quality standards and a strong performance record. Revisiting this classic has been done without losing the attributes for which it has become highly regarded.

The paper is whiter but still made from 100% post-consumer fiber, EcoLogo, Processed Chlorine Free and FSC certified, and manufactured using renewable biogas energy.

Now a pioneer in its field, the Rolland Enviro line is at its peak and considered a benchmark in the field of ecological paper.

10 Years and Counting…
A decade ago, the idea of offering high quality, 100% recycled paper at an affordable price and locally made was a bold endeavor. Since then, Rolland Enviro has been the ecological choice for the last 10 years.

2004: Rolland Enviro Print, Edition and Copy start strong.

2008: New 100% recycled paper adapted for educational printing.

2011: Introduction of the satin finish that lets colors pop.

2013: Launch of Rolland Enviro Jet, a 100% recycled sheet suited for inkjet printing.

2014: Increased whiteness of the Rolland Enviro family, now up to 92%.

A Family Reunited
With a new shade and an increased brightness, Rolland Enviro Print & Copy are getting up to speed with Rolland Enviro Satin sheet to offer a complete family with the same great tint.

As in every family, each member has a unique strength…

Rolland Enviro Print is the perfect choice for commercial printing. Reliable and multi-purposed, it offers an impeccable finished product every time.

Rolland Enviro Satin allows for visually rich and brilliant printing. Since the surface of the paper is uncoated, it provides remarkable printing quality, similar to that of matte paper with the addition of a satin finish.

Rolland Enviro Copy is the office’s best friend. Reliable, good looking and with a small environmental impact, it allows you to print, fax and file important documentation with a small environmental footprint.

After 10 years of innovation and performance, rediscover the classic Rolland Enviro!

Discover for yourself just how bright and versatile the Rolland Enviro family is with the brand new Rolland Enviro Swatchbook. Request your copy today!


Rolland Enviro is a registered trademark of Rolland Enterprises.


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