A Look at Tactile Branding with Neenah’s ‘Let Texture Define’ Promotion


There are many studies that focus on marketing. We’ve learned that there is about a 3-5 second window in which to visually grab a customer’s eye. And it’s evident that aromatic brands like Peacock Parfumerie and Aromaflage benefit from sensory marketing. But recent research has begun to zero in on the forgotten sense of touch.



Tactile branding is coming to the forefront as we become more in tune with the fact that emotions are triggered through touch. Touch involves awareness, thus creating an instant connection between the consumer and the product.

This new “Let Texture Define” promotion by Neenah Paper contains identities for four different types of companies, and uses all five of the ROYAL SUNDANCE Papers’ finishes to show how effective the right paper can be to create a customer/brand connection.



This Centas Global Telecom identity combines the crispness of the Smooth finish on its core items with the handmade feel of Laid for a “pick me up and read me” invitation.



The Flying Loon restaurant employs a Fiber finish to convey the natural mission of the restaurant, and moves to a Felt finish for the business card for a complementary high-touch appeal.



A business card on a Felt finish creates a grounded and “homey, feel-good” appeal for this real estate company.



The Viva Home Care identity system uses both the Linen and Fiber finishes to create a sense of sophistication, with a soft and caring brand statement.

“Different tactile sensations can lead consumers to interpret brands in a way that will create a memorable impression — those that vary in weight, texture and color are more likely to encourage touch and interaction,” says Jamie Saunders, Marketing Communications Manager, Fine Paper and Packaging, Neenah Paper.

Enter to win one of 25 copies of the “Let Texture Define” promotion right now. Hurry, contest ends midnight ET Nov. 11th! If you miss out, contact your Neenah Paper merchant.


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ROYAL SUNDANCE is a registered trademark of Neenah Paper.


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