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When the design community began coming to Corporate Image in search of sustainable luxury pocket folders and packaging, the company wasn’t surprised. Every day they get requests from clients like the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, furniture makers, financial institutions and health care organizations, all looking for the most ecofriendly materials around. For more than three decades, Corporate Image has been creating products that last longer, look better, and are 100% recyclable.

Finding presentation options that are interesting, well designed and sustainable is not always easy. Corporate Image is known for their super strong and 100% recyclable 3-ring binders. Their wide range of customization has also won them Best Binder in the World once and Best Binder in North America four times. They have made packaging and presentation folders also, but were being asked to step up their game.


Commitment to Sustainability
Corporate Image’s products have always been paper based – from the 100% post-consumer-waste paper core of its binders to the range of FSC and recycled papers they print on. They believe in paper.

So when their clients came to them with the challenge of creating a more interesting, sustainable pocket folder, they mobilized their team.

Corporate Image looked at the uses, storage and shipping issues, as well as design, functionality and manufacturing. Their packaging team worked with clients, as well as production and design, to create several new pocket folders that eliminate production steps, save on storage and shipping, and offer beautifully designed and customizable options.

Creating a product that can range from amazing to exceptional required rigorous testing of materials. They teamed up with their counterparts at their sister company, LBS, the leading supplier in cover materials for books, to explore further options.

They created packaging and presentation folders that are truly unique. In merging glue-less construction with a range of custom options from print to custom fabric and paper, they combined the benefits of saving materials, space and energy, with luxurious feel and endless customization choices.


Did it Work?
Boy did it. The glue-less pocket folder line has been used across many industries, from financial to health care to construction. The factors that all of these sectors appreciate are actually the same even though these clients are in very different fields. These folders take up less space in the office and they meet the twin goals of a high-end look and sustainability. Adding the luxury options of beautiful cloth and custom textured papers also makes production managers excited.

You can get a standard pocket folder almost anywhere, but most businesses are not standard. Their storage needs vary, as do their types of information and styles of presentation. Corporate Image works with each of its customers to ensure that they get a perfect fit to their unique needs.

Of course merely reading about these glue-less pocket folders isn’t enough. To truly appreciate the craftsmanship involved, you have to hold one in your hands.

That’s why Corporate Image is giving away one to 150 lucky readers – enter to win one right now! Hurry, contest ends May 26th!





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