Enjoy a Taste of Sweden in the Windy City!



Going to be in Chicago the evening of Sept. 29th? Why not finish out the first week of Fall by enjoying a taste of Sweden while you discover first-hand the versatility of Iggesund’s Invercote paperboard at Morgan’s on Fulton.

What does fine Swedish cuisine have to do with a world-famous, resilient paperboard? Both are made with simple, high quality ingredients. Both rely on expertise and mastery in their preparation. And both draw upon those ingredients and that mastery to produce an exquisite result far beyond expectations. This registration-required event is designed to highlight this correlation while delivering a bit of Swedish culture to Chicago’s print and packaging design community.

Prepared by Iggesund’s very own chefs, Jörgen and Maria Andersson, these Swedish delicacies will be served with carefully selected wines as you discover both how these culinary treats were prepared, and the unique attributes that truly distinguish the Invercote brand.

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You will see for yourself why so many brands insist on Invercote for their packaging because of its unique, resilient structure, keen visual appeal and second-to-none sustainability platform.

Structure: Invercote’s uniquely engineered, multi-ply construction offers stiffness without weight, shapeability that enables heretofore unimaginable package designs, and a print surface that doesn’t crack along folds – neither with nor against the grain.

Visual appeal: Invercote manages to provide the strength and durability characteristics of a packaging substrate and the print surface of a premium coated cover simultaneously. Learn how shade affects print results and why Invercote boasts the best fade resistance in the market.

Sustainability: Explore what Iggesund is most proud of – its sustainability platform. Whether you want to know more about its emissions to air and water, its forest stewardship practices, its sensitivity to biodiversity, its environmental reporting transparency or how the mill is mitigating climate change, Iggesund has a great story to tell, and they welcome this opportunity to share it with you over amazing food and wine.

Will you be in Chicago Sept. 29th? Why not sign up to experience this rare taste of Sweden and a first-hand look at Invercote paperboard during this unforgettable event? Don’t delay, register right now!


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