‘I’ll Take that as a Win’: Toyota Finds Adventure on YUPO


Yupo Corp.

When Toyota Financial Services’ marketing department was preparing to launch their most recent incentive program/competition to dealers nationwide, they wanted a design that was not only fun but would also represent the spirit of the contest. Grand prize winners, selected based on their finance and insurance (F&I) performance, were awarded incredible action-packed destination vacations.

To kick off the event, dealerships were given beautifully printed pocket brochures that unfolded to reveal a travel poster laden with rich, vibrant images of the prize destinations. Each brochure also included an all-access travel pass on a lanyard to create a more interactive feel to the piece.

Led by Daniel Ko, Toyota Financial Services’ Brand and Design Director, the marketing team wanted something that would have enough appeal to be posted on the wall for the duration of the three-month incentive drive.

Working with B&G House of Printing in Gardena, Calif., Ko and his team decided that YUPO Synthetic Paper was a perfect fit for this project.

“These destinations are pure adventure, and there’s a strong tie-in in terms of durability and YUPO, the product, being very adventurous,” says Ko.

For each of the three destinations – St. Thomas, Cape Town and Costa Rica – Ko designed pieces that would be bold enough to drive performance and knew that YUPO would offer the print quality, durability and performance to last.

“Functionally, we wanted this poster announcement piece that we created to have some longevity…and wanted the poster to be hung up and visible for the three-month long contest,” he explains. “Regular paper didn’t have the durability and strength needed for the project.”

Working with B&G, Ko selected YUPO 78 lb. Cover (FPG150) for its smooth, bright white surface and its incomparable print quality and performance. In addition, YUPO came through with attributes that design, print and packaging professionals have relied on for years:

  • Waterproof, tear resistant, wipes easily
  • Holds ink with razor-sharp precision
  • Recyclable, 100% tree free
  • Durable for a longer shelf life.

So did YUPO fit the bill and make Toyota’s launch a success? Ko reports that the very day the piece arrived, he saw Toyota’s vice president of marketing sporting the travel pass/lanyard around the office and thought to himself, “I’ll take that as a win.”

Which YUPO is Right for YOUR Next Project?
Thanks to Daniel Ko and his team for trusting YUPO with their most important projects. So, what’s your next project? More importantly, which YUPO paper will make your design sing?

  • YUPO Synthetic Paper – The Original. The Legend.
  • YUPO Accel – Fast-Drying Synthetic Paper
  • YUPOBlue – Digital Synthetic Paper Certified at RIT for HP Indigo
  • YUPO Octopus – The Movable No-Adhesive Synthetic Paper
  • YUPOJelly – The Completely Clear, Movable, No-Adhesive Synthetic Paper
  • YUPOilluminate – Synthetic UV Inkjet Wide-Format Paper

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