The Design Collection Reveals its Design Principles

Spotlight: Neenah

The Design Collection is a high-intensity, high fashion, high-touch portfolio of designer-favorite papers. But have you seen it lately? Design Army took on the task of organizing this vast collection of 22 brands, 100+ colors and 15 textures into a comprehensive yet intuitive format. You can easily find the papers you’re looking for by simply starting with their sensation: Tactile, Soft Touch, or Pearlized. (We recently shared the news of this fabulous new collection with you here.)

But wait, that’s not all the news for The Design Collection! Neenah and Design Army didn’t stop with the new three-part swatchbook system. Check out this new Design Principles promotion.

At first glance, this mysterious 5.5-inch square box captivates you. Wrapped with the soft touch of SLIDE Black, and featuring unique foil stamped and embossed patterns on the top, the box itself has an intriguing and inviting touch. What’s inside, you wonder?

When opened, the box reveals 20 different luxuriously designed and printed circles. Each of the circles features a description of a specific design principle on the back, with the front designed to support that principle. Of course each also features a different paper from The Design Collection.

Shown here is the principle “proximity” on SO…SILK Fashion Purple. The back of this card reveals the design principle, as well as the impression of the front design, created with a registered and monochromatic foil stamp.


Here the word “design” is used to create a pattern to illustrate the design principle “repetition.”


One PMS color and a registered emboss on the new REEF White are used to demonstrate the power of touch, and the principle of “texture.”


Line, shape, balance, alignment, hierarchy, rhythm, and variety… can you pinpoint which principle belongs to which of these designs? This could be a fun office game!


Ready to get your hands on these principles and more? Enter to win one of 25 Design Principles sets right now! Hurry, contest ends Nov. 22nd!

This offer has ended but PRO members can get a copy below.


PROs: Get Yours


(Not a member? Why not start your PRO membership today?)


SLIDE, SO…SILK and REEF are all registered trademarks of Neenah.


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