Made in the Shade(s): Crafting a Complete Retail Experience



In a marketplace where your retail clients are constantly competing online with thousands of others every day, it’s all about selling the sizzle, not the steak. That means not only creating a cool, consistent brand, but also making it one that customers come back to again and again…like Onyx Avenue. From sexy window signage and luxurious hangtags to enticing displays and brochures, if you’re looking for stylish shades, Onyx Avenue is going to be top-of-mind. Which is intriguing because the brand doesn’t actually, you know, exist.

Created by GPA to help designers and brand managers see how a variety of components printed on GPA substrates can work together to revitalize a brand, the Onyx Avenue Kit essentially tells the whole story of a consumer’s interactions with this fictitious, high-end sunglasses company. It starts, appropriately enough, with:

Window Signage: Employing clear window signage, this sample illustrates the on-trend technique of creating a dramatic silhouette that demands attention, while setting the mood before customers even set foot inside the store. The material’s extreme clarity makes it easy to achieve the look of contour-cut graphics without the added time and expense. The material, Concept 255 Optically Clear Gloss Vinyl, is easy to apply so installation is fast and hassle free.


In-Store Signage: Once inside, the consumer is enveloped by words and images that reinforce the luxury brand with a shiny appeal. Printed on Folex 4 Mil Silver Metallic Film from GPA, these display graphics have an alluring metallic radiance that needs to be experienced firsthand to be appreciated.

Promotional Brochure: Whether mailed or displayed in store, this brochure seduces thanks to GPA’s Ultra Photo 80# Starlight Photo Lustre Cover that it’s printed on. This breathtaking paper packs a one-two punch with its luminescent glow and silky feel, projecting an aura of luxury that enhances the value and perception of your brand.


Hangtag: This final high-end touch uses richly colored paper and unique printing effects to seal the deal. Printed on GPA’s Ultra Digital 100# Midnight Black Uncoated Cover, this piece conveys simple sophistication. Despite being an uncoated sheet, it still dazzles thanks to the use of black ink that interacts with the light. Using an ink that is the same color as the paper creates a subtle spot-varnish effect that adds to the overall visual appeal.

Not only does the Onyx Avenue Kit give you the opportunity to experience a variety of unique substrates in action, it’s the perfect take-along when you’re trying to sell a client on a holistic branding and marketing approach of your own.

Ready to get inspired? Enter to win one of 50 copies of the Onyx Avenue Kit right now! (Ten of those lucky winners will receive the deluxe Onyx Avenue Kit, which includes everything mentioned above plus a pair of sunglasses.) Hurry, contest ends Oct. 26th! (North American inquiries only, please.)



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