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When most people in the paper and printing world think of the Accent Opaque brand, they conjure up images of bright white sheets with pristine imagery – sheets and rolls that hold colors true and strong. That’s a natural first thought. After all, Accent has been known for years as the highly reliable and brilliant opaque ideal for traditional offset presses as well as the most modern of digital machines. You’ve probably used it hundreds of times for advertising materials, brochures, posters, catalogs, publications and dozens of other types of projects.

Sometimes we get so caught up in designing and filling up every square inch of page layouts that we overlook the full spectrum the brand offers. As part of the portfolio, Accent Opaque Warm White demonstrates the softer side of Accent by providing you these same print and reliability characteristics while enhancing your design elements with an alluring warmth that enables flesh tones to pop.

Looking for some examples of what Accent Warm White can do for you? You’re in luck as International Paper’s newest print promotion for the Accent brand serves as a fabulous showpiece of what you can achieve with the softer side of Accent.


Inspired by imagery and promotional catalogs commonly found within the fashion industry, this new piece challenges the status quo and provides a window into what it takes to make the A-List.

“I think that the current digital environment of our industry has conditioned a lot of designers to be acutely focused on executing exactly what they see on their monitors,” says Jeff Hester, Marketing Manager. “We felt it was time to remind everyone in all categories to think about the impact their paper choice can have on a design.

“Everyone talks about runnability, brightness, opacity and other technical aspects of paper, but when you consider the influence a warm tone can have on the imagery, it might change your entire approach to a project, and can certainly alter the impression a consumer or business will take away from the experience.”

Throughout the new Accent Opaque Warm White print promotion piece, you’ll be presented with new combinations of color tones that live more fittingly on the warm white sheets: from rich, full-coverage imagery to open, warm white spaces made lavish simply with the paper itself. The piece will leave no doubt in your mind the impact that the paper choice makes.


“It’s no accident that we chose a fashion theme for this promotion,” says Ray Rabbitt, Director, Merchant & Printing Sales. “Accent is an ideal choice for projects where the image on the page is a direct representation of what is being marketed or sold. Certainly the fashion industry falls into that category. From name-brand designers and fashion-forward retailers to companies simply looking to make a strong impression, using Accent Opaque White and Warm White for your printed catalogs, direct mailers and other promotional or advertising pieces makes a lot of sense.”

Firmly positioning Accent Opaque as the premium opaque of choice, the new print promotion also challenges designers and printers to be part of the A-List, a select group of image-conscious industry leaders who know that printing on Accent will enhance their projects, and ultimately, their status within their business circles.

“We want designers, printers and everyone involved with creating high-end print materials to succeed and be admired. One way to achieve that is to print on Accent,” says Hester.

To get your hands on a copy of the new Accent A-List promotional piece, contact your local paper merchant or printing rep. Go to AccentAGame.com for the latest specs and product offerings for the Accent Opaque Text, Cover, Digital, Heavyweight, Digital Inkjet and RE-30 production lines.


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Accent is a registered trademark of International Paper.


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