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How would you like to have a color named after you? Just think about that for a minute. “Yes, I’ll need this 60 lb. Text sheet in Betty Martin Green” or possibly “John Smith Yellow.” Pretty much a designer’s dream…and it could happen to you. Read on to the end to find out how!

Over the next three months, Colorplan is inviting everyone on the planet to head on over to to select their favorite shade. Their goal? To discover the world’s favorite color! Distributed by Legion Paper, Colorplan is a range of papers including a palette of 50 unique hues, and now they’re on the hunt for another: humanity’s most loved!

Crossing cultures and continents, national borders and language barriers, age brackets and social categories, this project is one of the most ambitious and wide-ranging investigations into color preference ever conducted. The insights it will generate have the potential to change the way we think about color.


The Color of our Times
When we are children, everyone has an answer to the question “What’s your favorite color?”

But something changes when we grow up. Our favorite color becomes less important as a statement of identity; some of us never think about our favorite color again. But it’s always there in the background, influencing our actions in ways we may not even realize, let alone understand.

Although we may not think about it, color still touches our lives. It can change our moods, influence our decisions and affect the way we react to the world around us. Whether we realize it or not, color preference is one of the innermost drivers of our psychology. Somewhere inside, we all have a favorite color. The time has come to find out what it is.


The Big Reveal
In July 2017, the most popular color in the world will be unveiled at the “Paper City” exhibition in Hull, England.

The World’s Favorite Color will be permanently introduced into the Colorplan range and will bear the name of a survey respondent who picks the shade closest to the world’s overall favorite. In addition to the honor of having the most popular color in the world named after them, the winner and a companion will be invited to watch their paper being produced, and take home a full suite of personalized stationery in their eponymous color.

This 51st Colorplan shade will be available for use by designers, brands and individuals after the July 2017 announcement

Ready to take the World’s Favorite Color survey and maybe even end up having a color named after you? Head over to right now and take part in this historic event!






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