The Power of Connections: Artist’s Pads’ Bold New Looks


Legion Paper

Art is about connections; all of an artistic work’s elements must work together. Legion Paper’s art is paper, and its bold new artist’s pads redesign connects three of its paper lines, new and old, to emphasize the quality, substance and consistency they provide your artistic creations each and every time.

With Each Pad, a Story
It was time to break with tradition. With these new artist’s pads, the design-savvy covers strip away the clutter of conventional pad covers, using a varnish text against a solid background color to capture your attention without being intrusive. Designed for the artist’s eye, the clean, bold type – a beautiful gloss overlay – paints an ephemeral written picture of exactly what that paper can do.

Orange on purple? That’s Stonehenge Light. Red on orange? That’s YUPO Medium. And so on. The papers themselves haven’t changed, Legion Paper’s just made it easier for you to find them on the shelf, giving them a look you’d be proud to leave in your studio or on your coffee table.

Together, these covers connect all of Legion’s brands under one umbrella that anyone can recognize, and any artist can appreciate. And connections are what it’s all about.


Truly Unique Papers
was created in 1972 as a 100% cotton deckled paper for the printmaking community, made to rival the more expensive European mould-made papers. It was quickly adopted not just by printmakers, but also by artists working across a broad spectrum of media. Over the years, it has gained worldwide recognition as a paper that works wonderfully across a range of other fine art applications.

YUPO is a revolution in paper. Its unique possibilities have changed the way drawing, painting and fine art printing are understood. This paper comes with its very own set of laws. For watercolor applications, YUPO allows them to wipe clean and have an unlimited number of trials. YUPO is also tree-free and fully recyclable. Its glossy sheets are waterproof and cannot be torn or buckled.

Lenox is a machine-made grade created to have its own unique characteristics, which makes it so suitable for a variety of media. It is neither deckled edge nor watermarked, but its off-white shade, medium textured surface and supple feel make it an excellent substitute for pricier European papers.

Enter to win one of 10 artist’s pads from Legion Paper’s newly redesigned line. Hurry, contest ends March 1st!








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