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Though many greeting card companies hedge their bets these days by offering digital cards, there’s little doubt that paper cards are the ones that make the most impact, particularly as they engage more of their recipients’ senses – touch most of all. It’s no surprise then that the Greeting Card Association’s call for entries for its 2017 Louie Awards came in the form of a package that intrigued the hands as much as the eye.

Mystery is in the air the moment you open the envelope to reveal ANOTHER envelope, intriguingly prismatic in its diamond-like lines and facets, all highlighting a bright reflex blue. Turn it over and the mystery deepens: the uneven folds that “tie” the package together fit perfectly with the pattern on the back of the package. Gently tug a corner here and a corner there and it opens up before your eyes: a tulip-fold in full bloom!

At this point we’re prepared for anything – something truly ornate, no doubt. And that’s where the in-house team at Hallmark Cards triumph once more: They present us with a simple card announcing the awards beautifully printed on Neenah Classic Crest [Get Swatchbook] Recycled Bright White 100 lb. Cover. The geometric pattern around the words “Louie Awards” are a nice call back to the pattern on the outside of the package.

Inside there are four cards. A blue, night sky-like card twinkles brightly thanks to the words “Call for Entries” stamped in holographic foil on the surface. The Award Categories card takes us further into the cosmos with other worlds also rendered in blue. All of these cards are imprinted front and back with two spot colors: PMS 7646 U and Reflex Blue, and a pass with holographic foil to boot.

It is only after we’ve examined the cards themselves that we realize the enormous sheet in which they were wrapped is itself a fabulous work of art – a poster that declares “We are wonders in a universe of wonders.” Describing it further is unnecessary. Pieces like this are the reason I’ve been shooting these videos for…well never you mind how many years I’ve been doing that 😉

And to see last year’s Louie Awards Call for Entries, you can check it out here.

Images: NASA, Hubble Heritage Team, Folkert Gorter, Hallmark


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Project Details

Title 2017 Louie Awards Call for Entries Client Greeting Card Association (GCA) Date November 2016 Design Hallmark CardsJohn Dunne, Sam Bassett, Bill Moses, Nicole Mercer Print J.S. McCarthy Printers Augusta, ME Leader Paper Products Milwaukee, WI Universal Engraving, Inc. Overland Park, KS Exclusive Bordering Company Elburn, IL Paper Neenah Classic Crest Recycled Bright White 100 lb. Cover; Infinity Foils Inc.

Production Details

Print Quantity 3,000 Number of Colors 2 colors (PMS Reflex Blue + 7646U); holographic foil Finishing and Binding Silver foil guilded edging; hand folded poster/wrapper


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