Krampus Defence Kit


We learned to have fun with the theme and run with it. Plus, hand-assembly always goes good with cold beers.

– Shanan Galligan


Little known but much feared in German-speaking cultures, Krampus is the Yin to Santa’s Yang. While Santa gives gifts during Christmas, Krampus doles out punishment for bad behavior. (Uh oh.) The design team at Swink used this folklore to inspire a very inventive holiday self-promotion, the Krampus Defence Kit.

From the jingle bells (that keeps Krampus at bay) and non-skid socks (that help you run away) to the burlap bags (your prison if caught) and scissors (your tool for escape from said bag), the kit is full of color and texture. Each element has been carefully chosen to tell the tale of this mythic meanie.

Tactile French Poptone paper, corrugated delivery box, utilitarian typography, clever copy, and manual-styled illustrations come together to give the feel of a government-issued survival kit. The creativity even took an interactive bent with a Krampus Detector app for the iPhone.

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Project Details

Title Krampus Defence Kit Client Swink Inc. Date December 2012 Design Shanan Galligan, Matt Riley, Yogie Jacala, Krista Farrell Print Swink Inc. Madison, WI Paper French Poptone

Production Details

Dimensions 9.5 x 7 x 2" Print Quantity 200 Production Time One week Printing Method Screen print, offset, digital Number of Colors 1 color screen, 2 colors offset, CMYK digital Finishing and Binding Hand assembled

  1. Nancy Hoel 6 years ago

    How can I get a krampus defense kit for a Swiss friend?

    • Aaron Berman 6 years ago

      Hi Nancy – Probably the best way is to contact the agency that made it directly at [email protected] . Hope that helps 🙂

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