Hotel Daniel LoftCube Mailing

The variety of the mailing set does not only present facts about the LoftCube, but also transports the guest’s feeling: Here you feel at your ease and free in equal measure.

– Sabine Kernbichler, Creative Director


Austria’s Hotel Daniel Graz set a new standard for architecture and design with the installation of German designer Werner Aisslinger’s LoftCube on their roof. While the 144-square-foot dwelling may seem small, its 360-degree view of Graz is easily one of the most spectacular in the city.

To promote this new addition, Austrian design studio Moodley Brand Identity crafted a package that includes “a range of printed collateral with additional information and images,” says creative director Sabine Kernbichler. “The mailing was designed to be a representation of the special features of this unique suite up in lofty heights, full of smart elegance, but always with a very personal touch.”Hotel Daniel LoftCube Mailing - PaperSpecs

It features:

  • A letterpress card showcasing key data regarding the hotel’s rooftop installation
  • A dried leaf alluding to the feeling of being in a jungle shower area
  • Postcards featuring the history of the Hotel Daniel Graz and a personal letter written by owner Florian Weitzer
  • A poster and fanfold brochure highlighting the incredible 360-degree views, the XXL bed, the beautiful sun terrace and exclusive interior fittings.

“Real luxury is not about sparkly diamonds and expensive cars,” says Kernbichler. “It’s more about relaxing and experiences that make a trip of a lifetime. What better way to enjoy your freedom than in your own private and peaceful suite under the stars?”

Hotel Daniel LoftCube Mailing - PaperSpecs

The wide array of papers used throughout the package design provides an enhanced level of luxury to the piece. The combined use of different specialty papers helps each piece stand alone and creates a truly haptic, visual experience for onlookers.

The outer shell of the mailing provides a fascination all its own, Kernbichler explains. “A few opinion leaders got their information set packed in a mini-LoftCube box made from the original materials as the LoftCube itself (fiberglass and FSC-certified sipo wood).”

The set reinforces the idea that the LoftCube is a place for unforgettable moments – one where you’re not only sheltered, but also liberated. And if you can’t rush right out and book that tiny dwelling overlooking Graz, having a quiet night in with this package may be the next best thing.

Additional Credits:
Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design: Sabine Kernbichler
Project management: Jasmin Gottfried
Photography: Michael Königshofer, Marion Luttenberger
Text: Regina Pichler
Idea: Michael Pfaller

Banderole for fanfold paper
Size: 40 x 177 mm | Paper: Arctic Paper Munken Polar 100g

Letterpress card
Size: 83 x 83 mm | Paper: Gmund Cotton Linen Cream 600g

Size: 4 cm diameter | Paper: Standard sticker paper matt

Illustrated postcard
Size: 85 x 122 mm | Paper: Cashmere cloth white 400g

Small poster
Size: 339 x 201 mm | Paper: Recycled offset antique white 80g/m

Fanfold paper with pictures
Size: 108 x 395 mm | Paper: Arctic Munken Polar 240g

History postcard
Size: 83 x 117 mm | Paper: Rives Dot White 350g

Size: closed 61.5 x 79 mm, open 134 x 90 mm | Paper: Recycled Grey 140g

Aisslinger mini-fanfold paper
Size: 163 x 75 mm | Paper: Mohawk Via Smooth Pure White 120g

Banderole for LoftCube
Size: 40 x 250 mm | Paper: Arctic Munken Polar 100g

Size: 21.5 x 12 cm | Paper: Photo cardboard black, 100g/m2

Project Details

Title LoftCube Mailing Client Hotel Daniel Date January 2015 Design Moodley Brand Identity Print Medienfabrik Graz GmbH Graz, Austria Paper Varies

Production Details

Dimensions Varies Page Count 11 Print Quantity 300 Production Time 2 weeks Printing Method Offset, letterpress Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Diecut, punched, folded, grooved


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