Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit

In a world falling over itself to text, stream and email you just about everything, mystery and surprise are pretty hard to come by. Which is why I was so intrigued by this large-but-understated-looking case. What’s inside? Something that will change the way you think about packaging and marketing materials. But first, let’s savor the mystery, shall we?

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

The first thing that jumps out at me is how its designers, Taylor Box Co., went out of their way to make this piece instantly appealing to the touch. (You’ll see why they did that once we take a peek inside.) First, it’s wrapped in Neenah Metallics Black Diamond Weave, whose carbon fiber-like surface makes it look and feel like something out of a James Bond film. Even the “FJ” FootJoy logo is tactilely delightful yet restrained thanks to its Black hot-foil stamping.

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

To open the case you simply tug at the lid flap, which opens with that telltale Velcro sound. While a magnetic closure might seem more appropriate given the degree of sophistication here, there is, as they say, a method to the madness. Now, suppose we find out what’s inside…

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs


A Treat for the Eyes & Fingertips

No sooner do I lift the case flap than I realize I’m looking at everything upside-down, so I quickly turn it around, creating what is essentially a second reveal. (As you and I both know, few things in design are accidental.) Fully invested now, I’m presented with the topic of this piece: The FootJoy StaSof golf glove. 

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

This is instantly communicated with Black & White photographs of the glove-making process and the words “Feel the StaSof Advantage” digitally printed CMYK by Universal Printing and treated with Gloss lamination for that extra lustrous effect. Though printed 4-color process, the visuals depicted show a clean Black and White with warm Yellow highlights, ensuring that the presentation is kept as sophisticated and low-key as the outer case. (All interior graphics were created by FootJoy and Lane Design.)

Reinforcing that “feel the difference” message is a swatch of soft leather rolled up and inserted into a niche at the bottom, nicely held in place by a fold-in paperboard piece that encourages me to feel the material from which the FootJoy gloves are made – another nice tactile touch! It’s only after taking in all these little details that I notice the die-cut notch at the top of the graphic panel, and so I pull it down. 

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

But Wait, There’s More!

Here at last is an image of the golf glove in all its 4-color glory, complete with a real, working Velcro closure across the photograph precisely where you’d find it on the actual glove! This third reveal is impressive because it makes us think we’ve reached the main event, while still keeping to the same sophisticated look we’ve seen before. With all the key selling points listed in the warm Yellow on the drop-down panel below, it feels like a tasteful, effective point-of-sale display.

But wait a minute…what happens when you pull up that Velcro closure?

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

A Final, Glorious Reveal!

Voila: The top compartment opens like a gatefold to reveal several pairs of prepackaged StaSof gloves! These are held in place by pop-out die-cut tabs at the top and bottom of the packages – a detail that, like so many in this package, accomplishes something important without fanfare. 

Unique Packaging Experience: StaSof Presentation Kit - PaperSpecs

Also inside are a golf club grip and a spray bottle so you can see for yourself how these gloves allow you to maintain a perfect grip even when they’re wet. 

And to underscore the fact that these are the No. 1 gloves on golf tours, the gatefold panels feature snapshots of different tour pros on one side, and 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott wearing the gloves on the other.

Not only does this piece beautifully show off the products it’s meant to highlight, it also demonstrates Taylor Box’s own ability to blend the use of cutting-edge packaging technology with old-school manufacturing practices. After all, you don’t put an exquisite piece like this together without a lot of hand assembly!

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Project Details

Title StaSof Presentation Kit Client FootJoy Date Fall 2018 Design Structure: Taylor Box Co.
Graphics: FootJoy + Lane Design
Print Universal Printing Paper Neenah Metallics Black Diamond Weave

Production Details

Printing Method CMYK Digital + Nylon Gloss Film Lamination Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Case wrapping, tray wrapping, hand assembly

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