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If you’ve been to an olive oil tasting bar – which have sprung up in tourist towns and strip malls alike – there seem to be as many varieties and makers as olive oil’s cousin, vino. And as any savvy marketer knows, if a bottle goes onto the shelf with that much competition, the identity and the label better be as attention-grabbing and memorable as this one.

Pagà Disseny designed an elegant label for this extra virgin offering. The central graphic, a monogram S, is surrounded by concentric teardrop shapes (recalling a drop of oil). Its gold foil stamping treatment tells a story of pure luxury.

The teardrop shape repeats and radiates outward from the monogram, but is done with a subtle no-ink emboss that adds texture. The embossed, pearlescent-coated effect of the label paper (Constellation Jade Satin) enhances the high-end feel of the packaging.

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Project Details

Title Silvaurum Bottle Label Client Coop. La Avellanera Date February 2014 Design Pagà Disseny Print Innovaciones Para Etiquetajes
Barcelona, Spain
Paper CTI Paper Constellation Jade Satin

Production Details

Dimensions 160 x 208 mm Print Quantity 6,000 Production Time 30 days Printing Method Offset Number of Colors 2 colors (PMS black + PMS 871), foil stamp Luxor 381 Finishing and Binding Emboss


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