Designing for Napkins? You Should Be!

Spotlight: The Occasions Group

Maybe you noticed the branded napkin you received with your lunch today, or the snarky coaster the bartender slipped under your drink at happy hour last night. But have you ever stopped to think about just how versatile the napkin really is? Everyone uses them. Everyone.

Napkins and coasters are excellent promotional tools – a fantastic personal touch at special events like wedding celebrations and mitzvahs. They’re used in a variety of ways…so why not design for them? Makes Napkin Creation Fast & Easy – your 24/7 custom printer powered by The Occasions Group – offers an exclusive 4-color digital printing process that can print your amazing designs on white and ecru napkins or coasters. Just think how many of your clients – individuals and businesses alike – would love to see their logos or custom messages and designs on something as useful and visible as beverage and luncheon napkins.

Make Them Shimmer, Make Them Unique

How do you make these beautifully printed pieces even more distinguished? Foil-stamping! Foil is crazy popular right now, and foil-stamped napkins from are available in 17 different foil colors on 22 different napkin hues! You’ll love the shimmer of metallic foils on any of these beautiful shades.

You can even get coined napkins perfect for professional spaces and special events. These feature a series of slim embossed lines running along two sides of your four-sided napkin (see below) – ideal for standing out to the fingertips as well as the eyes.

Ready to Get Started?

Producing these distinctive pieces couldn’t be easier. Simply choose the style of napkin or coaster you want, upload your finished artwork to, and you’re done. They’ll print them with an expert craftsmanship and attention to detail that you won’t find anywhere else. (The Occasions Group, the force behind, has been the go-to printer for many discerning clients for 70 years now!)

So the next time you’re designing wedding invitations for a couple of lovebirds or promo flyers for the local car dealership’s customer lounge, think about how you can use custom napkins to bring an unexpected, extra special appeal to your client’s setting or event. They’re always an impressive detail that are sure to get noticed.

Ready to see for yourself just how impressive custom napkins and coasters can be? [CLOSED] Enter to win one of 25 sample packs right now! Hurry, contest ends Oct. 18th! (North American entries only, please.)



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