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As a designer, what would you say are the three most valuable colors in print? If you’re determined to make your clients look like they spent a fortune while keeping everything nicely in budget, we think you’ll agree the answer is orange, green and blue (OGB). That’s because the Xerox iGen 5 Press can match more than 90% of Pantone colors – including those crucial brand colors that your clients rely upon – simply by adding the right mix of orange, green or blue to the 4-color digital process.

Aptly dubbed “extended gamut,” the technique results in beautiful print quality that is color-perfect, as well as big savings from running your small-run print jobs digitally rather than having to pay more for offset.

“Very simply the sky is the limit,” says Warren Werbitt, founder and CEO of Montreal print provider Pazazz, about digital printing. And what his company has been able to accomplish with extended gamut on their iGen 5 has been nothing short of a revelation to his clients.

The first print shop in the world to install the Orange, Green & Blue feature, Pazazz has opened the eyes of customer after customer with a series of impressive examples of just what this technology can do. More on those stunning print pieces in a moment. First, let’s take a look at just how the iGen 5 manages to push your digital color further than you ever thought possible.


Strong Color Matching

This extended-gamut technology works through the use of the 5th print station on the iGen 5. This is filled with the Orange, Green or Blue Dry Ink necessary to achieve the particular color you want. With the help of the Xerox iGen 5 Press Gamut Extension Tool, you can quickly see which color will be added to get the best Pantone match for your color.

From brochures and business cards to direct-mail pieces and premium folding cartons, your clients can have it all – exceptional print quality AND their brand’s own signature colors – all without having to resort to the expense and wait times of offset.

The Power of Personalization

So revolutionary is the iGen 5’s ability to match colors on short-run projects, it’s pretty easy to forget that it also provides the same miraculous print-customization abilities that you’ve come to expect from digital printing.

With your color-matching challenges solved, you can now offer your clients print creations that are limited only by your imagination. Just for starters, how about:

  • A/B testing for folding cartons to see which sells the best
  • Personalized real-estate postcards, each depicting that particular recipient’s house and its estimated value
  • Print catalogs tailored to individual recipients based on items they’ve purchased from your client in the past.

According to a 2016 Infotrends survey, 84% (!) of consumers are more likely to open direct mail that’s been personalized to them. What client wouldn’t want to experience that kind of open rate? They can get it with the help of your design and the iGen 5’s variable-data printing capabilities.


Vivid Colors that Add Verve and Pazazz

“If designers find a great print provider that has an interest in pushing the boundaries and working with them closely,” says Warren, “they will very quickly see the benefits to digital printing.”

If the Pazazz founder sounds confident, that’s because he is. Even a quick skim through their digital printing sample book – printed completely on an iGen 5 – will show you why. While the CMYK images are gorgeous, the ones that add Orange, Green or Blue Dry Ink to the mix virtually leap off the page with colors as alive as those found in the world around you.

The spoons heaped high with spices in the photo above? That was printed CMYK + Orange. The colorful gumball machine below? That was printed CMYK + Orange and UV 3D with scuff-free lamination.

The crisp and clear bottle with the flowing water? CMYK + Blue with the same UV and lamination treatment. The results don’t just speak for themselves, they positively sing.

What Paper Should I Use?

Not only can you match nearly any color digitally with the iGen 5’s extended-gamut technology, and even personalize content, but your paper choices are also vast, and constantly expanding thanks to mills and distributers realizing that the future is digital. From Domtar’s Cougar to GPA’s Ultra Print White and Mohawk’s Superfine and many more, you will definitely find a favorite go-to sheet for digital.

Ready to see for yourself just how amazing pieces printed on the iGen 5 can be? [CLOSED] Enter to win one of 50 copies of Xerox’s “Brilliant Book” right now! After leafing through its pages you’ll soon realize just how beautifully the iGen 5 can bring your own work to life.

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