5 Ways to Supercharge Your Work With a Slipcase


Spotlight: Taylor Box Company

When someone says “slipcase,” chances are you think of a slender, elegant half-box into which premium and limited-edition books are slid for safe keeping. But the truth is that this packaging option is like none other, instantly upping the perceived value of products and print work while boasting near-limitless possibilities (including many eco-friendly ones). Here are 5 projects you can transform into something people will be talking about for years to come, simply by tapping the power and prestige of the slipcase.

1. Books. Nothing boosts the perceived value and prestige of a book faster than when it’s presented inside a custom-made slipcase. Whether wrapped in printed paper with a Soft Touch film laminate, or in gorgeous Japanese silk and foil stamping, a slipcase adds style, sophistication and value to any volume. With so many different variables, you can make the finished product as simple or as intricate as you like.

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2. Sales collateral and important documentation. Placing your client’s catalogs or reference materials inside a slipcase is a clever way to rescue them from the recycling bin. Not only does it lend them an added perceived value, but it also makes your client’s materials easier to store on a desktop or office shelf. This presentation will build brand recognition, at the same time ensuring that your client’s customers and prospects will remember them. A beautiful slipcase is also a great way to provide those in real estate or investment with their important paperwork.

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3. Event and training materials. Keep loose pieces organized, secure, and well-branded with a custom slipcase, or even pair it with a slashcase (think: slanted magazine holders) or custom binder for extra impact and usability.

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4. Series sets. If you’re a TV binge watcher or series-fiction addict, you know first-hand the power and appeal of a good slipcase for books and DVDs. A beautifully designed custom slipcase can be used to create an extra special, or even limited-edition, set, while a slipcase or deep tray can create an even greater impact, especially when it’s part of the overall graphic design. If you’ve ever bought a book or DVD series simply for the slipcase, you know just how potent this type of packaging can be. And as you can see below, they also work nicely for vinyl collections, too.

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5. Fine foods and gift sets. There’s something almost magical about a unique gift set in which the products fit precisely into a slipcase, creating a unique and memorable presentation. Add a ribbon to tie it all together for that extra exquisite touch.


No Limits: A Slipcase for Every Project

Like other types of custom packaging, slipcases can be created in many sizes, with various wraps, printings, die cuts, and even laser cuts.

Depending on its size, width and depth, they can be produced more efficiently with less waste, while others have easier setups for lower production runs. Either way, the results can be stunning, transforming otherwise humble pieces into gorgeous creations. With custom packaging, your only limits are your own imagination.

Want to see for yourself just how effective a custom slipcase can be? Enter to win 1 of 200 slipcase editions of the children’s book “The Paperbox Exploratorium” – each wrapped in book cloth and foil stamped – from Taylor Box right now. Hurry, this contest ends May 26th! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]


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  1. Steven Gietz 2 years ago

    The corporate slipcases for sales / marketing and configuration are beautiful and functional. These are something We would definitely use these for our customers.. I’d love to get a sample.

    • Author
      Aaron 2 years ago

      Thanks for writing, Steven – we’re looking into sample availability now and will report back as soon as we learn something.

  2. Toby Kiernan 11 months ago

    Hi there! Your article on how to supercharge our work with a slipcase was a great read. I loved how you highlighted the benefits of customization and protection for our work. The practical tips on creating our own slipcases were also very helpful. Thanks for sharing such a great reminder on how small changes can make a big impact on our productivity!

    • Author
      Aaron 11 months ago

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Toby!

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