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Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus

Spotlight: Nobelus

As much as companies like to boast that their products “practically leap off store shelves” we, of course, know this isn’t true. Instead, consumers are enticed by the appearance of an item’s packaging to pick it up and, if it feels as good as it looks, out comes the credit card.

The importance of tactile experiences in decision making isn’t just a hunch; scientific research over the last two decades strongly suggests that all of our senses significantly influence our behavior. Some 56% of shoppers even visit stores purely to see and touch products before buying them online, according to a 2017 Retail Dive survey.

But what’s the secret to making your packaging look pleasing enough to touch, and then following through with that promise by providing an unputdownable tactile experience? As it turns out, there isn’t just one secret, but five: the LuxeFilms line of tantalizingly tactile films offered by Nobelus.

Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus

Secret 1: Karess

No matter how gorgeously printed your design, nothing adds that oh-so-important tactile quality to packaging, brochure covers and more like a sensual overlaminate film, of which Karess is legendary. Not only does its lamination make your colors pop with a vivid clarity that surpasses other laminating films, but it also feels as delicate as a rose petal to the touch, lending a silky lusciousness to your work. Add to that scuff-resistance and durability and you have a can’t-fail tool for making any product look and feel more valuable and luxurious. (For an extra whiff of intrigue, Ebony Karess provides a black pigmented matte surface whose consistency cannot be matched by black ink alone.)

Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus

Secret 2: ScuffProof

If you’re creating high-use items, you’ll want to enlist ScuffProof – the highest scuff-protection Nobelus offers. Rated at 6-7 gloss points, it’s almost considered a Satin. Want to add spot UV, glues and/or foil stamping? It handles all of these with ease.


Secret 3:  UltraMatte

You get the best of both worlds with UltraMatte laminating film – it’s nearly as scuff-resistant as ScuffProof, but with a 1.5-2 gloss point dullness that’s very close to Karess’ own – it’s a dead-flat matte. It also provides a much higher level of contrast than ScuffProof.


Secret 4: FineLinen

With its unique emboss pattern, the FineLinen overlaminate feels like high-end European linen, adding a rich, appealing dimension you can see as well as feel. Its scuff-resistant matte finish is also glueable, stampable, and accepts spot UV with ease. (See below.)

Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus


Secret 5: FineLeather

Few surfaces beg to be touched and handled quite as much as fine-grained leather, and the FineLeather overlaminate replicates that look and feel nicely thanks to its unique emboss pattern. Its scuff-resistant matte finish is also glueable, stampable, and accepts spot UV with ease. (See below.)

Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus


All five laminates lend your design work an irresistible look and feel that are perfect for (but not limited to):

  • Soft and hardbound book covers
  • High-use pocket folders
  • Business cards and presentation pieces
  • Cosmetic and jewelry packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • Three-ring binders
  • Liquor and luxury product packaging
  • Any package with high consumer interaction
  • Rigid boxes

Tactile LuxeFilms from Nobelus

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Karess, UltraMatte, ScuffProof, FineLinen and FineLeather are all registered trademarks of Nobelus.


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