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We all want to elevate our work to the next level. Most often in the design process, choosing the paper your project will print on is the final decision. Perhaps it should be the first.

There is no quicker or easier way to choose that paper – across a wide variety of possibilities from every mill – than by using The Paper Selector from Limited Papers.



This hot-off-the-presses “encyclopedia” of paper is a unique and invaluable resource for anyone who works in print or wants to pinpoint the ideal sheet for any project. There are nearly 650 different large-size swatches contained in the new, sleekly and thoughtfully designed Paper Selector. You will find paper samples from every mill, all arranged chromatically by color into a series of fan books. If you want to look at “white,” for example, you will find several hundred “white” sheets in different finishes, different textures, different tones.

The Paper Selector can help you find the perfect sheet. And for suggestions or further guidance, you can always call to seek the advice of a Limited Papers expert. If you begin with The Paper Selector, and then follow up by ordering a few sheets as samples, you will launch your design process the right way.

How to Choose the Right Paper
Would you ever choose a linen finish for the menu of a sports bar? Absolutely not. How about a Chromolux Metallic Silver Gloss-coated sheet for an elegant dinner party at a sophisticated restaurant? Never!

So, starting your design process should begin with exploring your paper options.

Since making a decision about what paper to use can be time consuming and presents many decisions to make, most people are a bit overwhelmed by the process. Most of us tend to take the quick route and simply revert to using the same paper we’ve used in the past on other successful projects. However, if you want to make every project special, every job a little different, you need a bit of help in order to focus.

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Here is where you can lean on experts. At Limited Papers, there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. Limited Papers opened its doors in 1986 with a clear vision: to provide its customers with an uncommon selection of high quality paper, along with infinite customizing choices, at competitive prices.

Limited Papers recognized right from the beginning that there was a need in the professional paper and design industry for a customer service-oriented paper merchant that was interested in selling small quantities of paper to its customers, rather than enforcing full-carton-only orders. Limited wanted to be the source to buy any paper, in any quantity.

Not only does Limited Papers carry high quality paper from all the major domestic and international mills, they have a breadth of inventory that has established them as one of the largest and finest small-quantity paper merchants in the U.S.

At Limited Papers, you will find not only traditional, professional grade papers, but many unusual and innovative papers including art paper, high-performing photo paper, and design paper. Limited also offers the unique capability of customizing each order. When an order is placed, whether for a skid of paper, or 20 sheets, the customer can have their paper cut to any size, scored, hole-punched or perforated. All this, and still your order will ship within 24 hours, or same day in many cases.

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So, start by choosing the best paper. You will end up with a design concept that is completely organic in development, and the result will be powerful.

Be extraordinary. Find out more about how Limited Papers can meet your design challenges. Visit limitedpapers.com today.

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