Zanjet: Your Key to Amazing Results on High-speed Inkjet

Spotlight: Zanders

You’ve finally decided to print your work digitally for the first time on high-speed inkjet presses. Sure, you know you should’ve been taking advantage of all the benefits that inkjet printing offers all along – it’s worth it given the benefits you get from customizing each piece alone. Still, making that jump can be scary. It doesn’t have to be. When you’re exploring unfamiliar territory, it pays to do it with an expert; someone whose credentials speak for themselves. In the world of inkjet, it pays to insist on coated Zanjet paper from Zanders.

Inkjet: It’s in Your Future

You’ve probably heard of high-speed inkjet printing but might not be sure if it’s a good fit for the type of work you do, or if it’s merely some exotic technology you’ll probably never use. You will. If not now, then certainly in the near future if current industry trends are anything to go by.

Between 2008 and 2016, data from the Association for Print Technologies (formerly NPES) revealed a 73% compound annual growth rate in page volume for continuous-feed inkjet devices. Whether replacing their toner-based digital presses or finally adding digital to their current offset capabilities, printers are choosing inkjet for the same reasons you will:

  • Faster print speeds. The amount of time it takes to set up your job on press is minimal, there’s no makeready, and these machines are FAST!
  • Variable-data printing. Because it’s digital, you can customize every piece you print for a unique audience, which can have a profound impact on your return on investment (ROI). You know that thing Amazon does when it suggests other products you might like based on your purchase history? You can do that ON A PRINT PIECE for each recipient!
  • Print quality. Recent strides in high-definition inkjet printing technology, and manufacturing advances by the paper mills, have led to results you simply have to see to believe. (Hold tight, you’ll get a chance to do that below.)

Actually, this last point is a bit more complicated than it might first appear. Sure, innovations such as HP’s High Definition Nozzle Architecture on presses and advancement in ink have dramatically improved print quality with smoother color transitions and beautiful halftones, but that’s only half the formula. To truly get the absolute highest quality text and images, you have to use a coated paper specially designed for high-speed inkjet. And just as importantly, it has to be in stock when you need it. What you need is Zanjet.

The Perfect Paper for Your Inkjet Work

Offset printing has spoiled us, it’s true. While using just the right paper for your project dramatically improves the final piece, there’s a certain amount of wiggle room in there. Not so when it comes to digital printing, particularly with inkjet. When you’re delivering ink on a page via 2,400 nozzles per inch, you can imagine how easy it is to ruin a perfectly good design if you aren’t using a paper designed for the job.

Fortunately, Zanjet paper has met rigorous criteria to be qualified to run on three widely used presses:

  • HP PageWide Web Presses
  • Kodak Prosper Presses
  • Screen Truepress Jet520 ZZ/A & NX

with papers in development for additional presses, too.

And because it’s made by the company that brings you Chromolux, you know it’s made to meet the highest standards. It features:

  • Gloss and Silk finish
  • A wide range of weights – Text: 61 lb., 70 lb., 78 lb., 88 lb., 101 lb.; Cover: 7 pt., 9 pt. (90gsm up to 250gsm)
  • Exceptional results with both aqueous and UV overcoats
  • FSC certification
  • A coated inkjet surface perfect for direct mail, publishing, commercial and transpromotional applications
  • An expanding line that works on multiple inkjet platforms using dye & pigment inks.

And just as importantly, Zanjet is readily available throughout North America and the world.

So….are you ready to see just how good your work can look on Zanjet paper? [THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED]

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