Zanpack touch: Uncoated Character in a Super-smooth World

Spotlight: Zanders

From cars and smartphones to everyday packaging, just about everything we encounter today has had the character slicked and smoothed right out of it. While a little gloss here and there is always nice, when everything is shiny and slick to the touch, nothing stands out anymore, particularly on your retailer’s shelf.

Realizing that high-end perfume packaging shouldn’t feel just like the box their toothpaste came in, designers are increasingly choosing uncoated Zanpack touch paperboard from Zanders (makers of the world-renowned Chromolux high-gloss sheet) to boost the appeal of their clients’ packaging.

Taking the Rough with the Smooth

With its pleasing natural look and uncharacteristic rough feel, this uncoated solid bleached sulfate (SBS) board – available in basis weights from 240 to 340 gsm – is perfect for calling attention to luxury products such as high-end cosmetics, perfume, fine food or fashion items.

That coarse quality also instantly communicates the core values of hand-made, traditional or eco-friendly goods. And because the whole Zanpack range uses only FSC certified and sustainable pulp, the packaging can be as environmentally sound as its contents.

But Zanpack touch doesn’t just feel different – it looks different.

Not only do your eyes drink in that rich, grainy surface, the paperboard also boasts an extremely pure whiteness and excellent ink performance – a powerful canvas for your most inspired designs. And thanks to its very tight fiber formation, the ink only slightly enters the paper, guaranteeing extremely precise printing results every time.

In addition, it handles beautifully when paired with a host of finishing options, including:

  • Punching
  • Embossing
  • Die cutting
  • Hot and cold foil applications.

A Foundation for Award-winning Packaging

When great design meets an unbeatable paper stock, success is bound to follow.

Designed by Düsseldorf advertising agency zinnobergruen, this perfume packaging sample, printed on Zanpack touch, was named among the “200 Best Packaging Designs Worldwide 2017/2018” last year by the trade journal Lürzer’s Archive.

“The strong contrast between the gleaming color effects of the hot foil and the naturally coarse, uncoated surface of Zanpack touch is an immediate eye-catcher,” observes Hank Somer, Sales Manager North America at Zanders. Transparent hot foil, an orange colored inner print as well as a blind embossed logo were all applied to 340 g/m2  Zanpack touch for a truly spectacular effect.

Coated Options, Too

For those times when you have to play it smooth, you can enjoy the exceptional quality of Zanpack in a coated form as well:

Zanpack silk: One side, double-coated with a special coating on the reverse side, available from 180 to 380 gsm. Not only is this super-silky paperboard great for beauty and pharmaceutical products, it also makes for eye-catching food and beverage packaging, too.

Zanpack silk2 : Two side, double-coated, available from 240 to 330 gsm – gorgeous on the inside and out.

Still have questions? Zanders’ Hank Somer is always happy to answer them – simply drop him a line here

Of course the only way to truly appreciate the rich quality of Zanpack touch is to get your hands on a sample right away. And if that sample is an excellent place to jot down your important notes, too, so much the better!

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