CI RIGIDBOX: Packaging That Lets You Have it All

CI RIGIDBOX: Packaging That Lets You Have it All - PaperSpecs

Spotlight: Corporate Image

For years a kind of “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” attitude has prevailed that states “you can have packaging that looks and feels luxurious OR you can have sustainable packaging, but forget about having them both.” It’s that kind of thinking that Corporate Image’s RIGIDBOX deftly blows out of the water. One look at their sample boxes reveals that not only can you have your cake and eat it, you can also add a dab of honey to it as well. (More on that later.)

Simply put, CI RIGIDBOX instantly makes your life easier with 3 unique advantages you’ll find in no other rigid box line.

1. No Cover Material Required

This is a biggie because its sustainable, 100% post-consumer waste (PCW) raw board surface allows you to embellish your packaging with everything from hot foil stamping and UV printing to embossing and debossing. It also comes in a number of tempting colors, as well as in the styles your clients demand, including:

  • Telescoping boxes
  • Neck & shoulder boxes
  • Slipcases


2. Available in an Eco-Friendly, Moneysaving Flat-Fold Style

Unlike traditional setup boxes, CI RIGIDBOX offers a brand new flat-fold option that ships and stores flat, easily assembled when and where you need it. Made from 100% PCW this board can be wrapped in whatever cover material you fancy, from printed or specialty paper to cloth. And because it’s shipped flat, it reduces your carbon footprint, too.


3. Customized to Engage Your Audience

When you really want to hook customers, the flat-fold style delivers thanks to the way it can be custom designed to fit the product inside. This, combined with your own unique artwork, means that you can transform each opening of your packaging into a dramatic “unboxing” experience. The contents are enclosed in the grooved, folded board, and held fast by die-cut shapes inside. (Note how those shapes reveal the high-quality colored board used to make these versatile boxes.)

Here are a couple of intriguing examples:



(See how the side of the closed box resembles a “G.”)



(See how the top view of the box resembles a “Z.”)

CI RIGIDBOX: Packaging That Lets You Have it All - PaperSpecs


As you can see in in both examples, these CI RIGIDBOX flat-fold pieces have been customized to hold both the honey jar and honey stick in place, while the design encourages the recipient to feast their eyes (as well as their taste buds) on the treats inside.

CI RIGIDBOX: Packaging That Lets You Have it All - PaperSpecs


Curious to see what a dramatic difference CI RIGIDBOX can make to YOUR packaging? Enter to win one of 150 honey boxes right now! [THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED]


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