Add the Look & Feel of Luxury With Ebony Karess Printable Laminate

Spotlight: Nobelus

At a time when the term “luxury” is indiscriminately applied to just about everything from apartments to sunglasses, the only way to truly communicate a product’s premium quality is through the look and feel of its packaging and marketing materials. That’s why designers are increasingly turning to the seductive qualities of Ebony Karess Printable Laminate from Nobelus. Not only does it lend your work an irresistibly soft, rose-petal feel, but its completely opaque hue guarantees a rich, consistent black every time.


Superior Shelf Appeal

Right out of the gate, Ebony Karess Printable Laminate’s super-rich black hue provides you with the perfect backdrop for your most vibrant colors and shimmering foil embellishments. No need to fear being daring. Use high-contrast florescent inks and shiny foils in your designs and watch those colors pop! With such a striking look, your work is sure to attract attention on the shelf, online, or wherever it appears.

The secret? Often laminates are applied after a substrate has already been printed; Ebony Karess is applied before printing, allowing colors to come alive and be vibrant – perfect for communicating a sense of luxury against this laminate’s deep black hue.


Black is Black, Right?

You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But if you’ve been in this business for any length of time, you’ve probably learned the hard way that this simply isn’t the case. While Adobe’s 100% black (100% K) looks like the real deal on your computer screen, it isn’t the darkest black you can achieve on press.

To make matters even more complicated, every printer has their own recipe for black (e.g., 75% cyan, 40% magenta, 40% yellow, and 100% black). That means if you use more than one printer, you have to keep track of how each interprets black – as if you didn’t already have enough to worry about.

The simplest solution? Apply Ebony Karess Printable Laminate to any substrate to instantly transform it into a completely black medium – one that boasts the type of rich black that communicates a sense of luxury like no other color can. Using this option can also save you time and money compared to other, more expensive black papers.


A Decadent Tactile Experience

Now that you’ve attracted admiring glances with the vividness of your packaging and marketing materials, it’s time to seal the deal by making them utterly unputdownable.

That’s where the soft, rose-petal feel of Ebony Karess Printable Laminate comes in, creating a tactile experience that communicates “luxury” far more than looks alone ever could. Simply put, once someone picks up your piece, they’ll never want to put it down again. It doesn’t get much better than that.

PaperSpecs Spotlight: Add the Look & Feel of Luxury With Ebony Karess Printable Laminate

Impressive Versatility

Once you begin designing with Ebony Karess Printable Laminate in mind, what you can create is limited only by your own imagination. It works beautifully with offset, screen and digital printing, as well as:

  • Spot UV
  • Gluing
  • Die cutting
  • Folding
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Embossing and debossing

This means you can add that unmistakable Ebony Karess look and feel to:

  • Business cards
  • Collectable cards
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Folding cartons
  • Pocket folders
  • Point of sale pieces
  • Postcards and direct mail
  • Rigid boxes
  • Soft and hardbound book covers

and more!

And because it’s a laminate from Nobelus’ Tactile Collection, consumers will surely enjoy getting the best packaging or collateral experience possible.

Ready to see for yourself how luxurious Ebony Karess Printable Laminate looks and feels? Enter to win 1 of 50 sample kits right now! Hurry, this contest ends April 28th! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

Karess is a registered trademark of Nobelus.


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