A Gentleman’s Guide to Classic Cocktails

Like many things, the notion of the gentleman who knows his Gin Gimlets from his Cosmopolitans may be a thing of the past. But ladies AND gentlemen both will find something to savor in this set of elegant cocktail recipe cards produced exclusively for Ellicott & Co.

Inspired by maker communities across the USA, Ellicott & Co.’s mission is to provide uncommon, heritage inspired goods for the modern man. How interesting, then, that something that is digitally printed can also be considered a product of the “maker” movement.

Printed by Anstadt Communications on 80 lb. Verso Blazer Digital Satin Cover, these 16 cards are works of art all their own thanks to a fun retro design by Infantree, and creative use of Scodix digital enhancement technology.

There’s a lot of information to unpack in that sentence.

Yes, 150 sets of cards were printed CMYK on an HP Indigo 7900 in just three days. The sheets were then run through the Scodix Ultra Pro off-line unit, which added an inviting tactile quality to the pieces.

The “Scodix Sense” effect was used in various ways. Think of it as clear raised ink that can be applied all in one pass, ultimately creating a more tactile element.

The illustrations of the cocktails on each card are highlighted with a simple spot gloss. The “Classic Cocktails” title sports a spot gloss look and raised feel. All of the fine, decorative line work you see – front and back – was created using digital foil with some clear polymer on top.

The result: cards that feel more like a royal summons from Buckingham Palace than recipes for your favorite gin or vodka concoction. The 16 cards – 15 recipes and one cover – were then enclosed in a bellyband.

What is most exciting is that this is an example of Scodix – an enhancement system you normally see mostly in marketing materials – being used for a consumer product. The more that designers come across these types of projects “in the wild” where they can see – and feel – them up close, the more likely they are to dabble in Scodix, MGI, and “sleeking” in general for their own projects – and that’s worth toasting, whatever your cocktail of choice.

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Project Details

Title A Gentlemen’s Guide to Classic Cocktails Client Ellicott & Co. Design Infantree Print Anstadt Communications York, PA Paper 80 lb. and 130 lb. Verso Blazer Digital Satin Cover

Production Details

Dimensions 4” x 6” Page Count 16 (2-sided) cards Print Quantity 150 sets Production Cost $1,755 Production Time 2-3 days Printing Method Digital Number of Colors CMYK Finishing and Binding Scodix foil, round cornering, collating, and inserting into belly band


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