HP Indigo-Printed Coffee Package Fresh as Today’s Headlines


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What would it take to convince you that the coffee sold in stores is as fresh as the java you buy at your favorite coffee shop each morning? Marketing agency Lew’Lara \TBWA came up with the perfect “why didn’t I think of that” solution to this dilemma for Brazil’s Café Pelé: They actually reproduced the front page from that morning’s newspaper directly on the coffee packaging with the help of printer Camargo cia de embalagens’ HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press!

Watch the video below to see how printer, agency and the O Estado De S. Paulo newspaper worked together to pull off this seat-of-the-pants demonstration of the HP Indigo Digital Press’ speed and flexibility. And to see how this revolutionary technology can help you make headlines with your own project, check out hp.com/go/graphic-arts.


cafepele cafe-1






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