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When positioning a product, where consumers are involved it is important to engage their attention within seconds, and hold onto it as they reach out and touch it for a closer view. So it stands to reason that a product’s packaging is an important representation of a brand. It is the first—and sometimes the only—chance to make an impression. Whether it’s cosmetics, electronics, spirits or hangtags, Neenah has the perfect solution.

NEENAH Folding Board is an ideal choice for high-end packaging. Its natural premium surface is sophisticated in both look and feel. Crafted with a rich vellum finish it is highly suitable for traditional packaging printing, embossing, foil stamping, die cutting and gluing. It easily scores and folds, and offers great dimensional stability.

So Many Choices!
Available in a wide variety of calipers, colors and sustainable alternatives, NEENAH Folding Board is the natural and sustainable choice for specialty folding carton packaging.

  • 100PC and 80PC White
  • Kraft (30% postconsumer)
  • Bright White
  • 16 pt., 18 pt. and 24 pt.
  • Vellum finish

Packaging is more than a simple casing. Product companies are investing in both the aesthetic and functional aspects of their packaging as a way to convey the premium luxury experience. In fact, when it comes to what’s important for overall satisfaction with a product, consumers rank packaging almost equal to the brand.

Neenah Folding Board

Noticeable Quality
To make a product stand out on the shelf, great packaging is a must. The packaging should have the following characteristics:

  • Eye-catching appearance: material, design and color
  • Qualities of material: Printability, sustainability and durability
  • Both tactile and visual appeal

NEENAH Folding Board provides what you need to create extraordinary packaging. This product is made on fine paper machines that create fiber formation with incredibly even distribution, and this is what makes a paper with extraordinary sheet formation offering superior print and image fidelity.

NEENAH Folding Board is a sustainable choice, with the following green attributes:

  • FSC Certified. Meets the mark of responsible forestry
  • Green-e Certified. All NEENAH Folding Board papers are made with 100% renewable green electricity
  • Carbon Neutral Plus. Ensuring a reduction in carbon emissions plus a commitment to conserve the environment
  • All 100% postconsumer colors are Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
  • Recyclable

Using NEENAH Folding Board provides beautiful packaging solutions for cosmetics and fragrances, consumer electronics, spirits, confectionery, gift card carriers, hangtags and much more.

Neenah has produced a “toolkit” for specifying NEENAH Folding Board, a Product & Print Reference Guide and a Quick Reference Guide.

PaperSpecs readers, enter to win one of 50 copies of the “NEENAH Folding Board Toolkit.” But if you miss out, contact your Neenah sales representative. SORRY THIS OFFER HAS EXPIRED

Neenah Folding Board


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