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Just because your next project doesn’t require big quantities doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on design. Let’s talk digital printing. The ever-advancing technologies for both equipment and substrates have made this production process an increasingly accessible, cost-effective and creative option.


Neenah’s new “Explore 4” promotion shows you how to use the advantages of digital printing with creative use of colored and textured papers to elevate all types of short-run and packaging projects. (Explore 4 is the fourth edition in the Explore series, which focuses on short-run production and unique solutions for those seemingly “simple” projects.)

Designing for smaller projects in today’s digital market no longer means designers are locked into using generic, smooth, white, drab papers that don’t get attention. Research shows that the use of color, texture and weight increases response rates – thus increasing ROI.


One advantage to digital printing is that creativity can remain cost effective, even for packaging. The North Hudson Goods box (above) found in “Explore 4” shows how easy it can be to create that “wow” factor with the use of colored paper (new Neenah Folding Board, Deep Black) and 4 clicks of opaque white ink. A tipped-on box lid printed on ASTROBRIGHTS Papers in Lunar Blue creates an added level of interest.

Digitally printed packaging is one of the most rapidly growing segments of digital printing. According to a recent Smithers Pira report, the digital print for packaging market is forecast to more than double from $6.6 billion in 2013 to $14.4 billion in 2018. Digital printing for packaging is on the rise because technology is now allowing presses to print on thicker and more textured substrates, as well as the benefits it presents to creatives and brand managers such as customization, targeted marketing, special editions and reduced storage needs.

6. Explore2BEBOLD LR

Designing short-run packaging projects doesn’t mean you can’t think outside the box. This package from “Explore 2” (above) uses a simple 4-color process, but relies on the shape and interactivity of the “box” to deliver a memorable and sustainable message on ENVIRONMENT Papers.

4 NeenahExploreRescueMeBox 500x500

As digital technology advances, so too do special effects applied with digital printing; raised ink is one of those effects. It’s a digital process where ink is applied layer on top of layer to create a raised texture that can emulate embossing or engraving. Raised ink on ASTROBRIGHTS Papers creates a stop-and-touch package from Neenah’s first Explore promotion.


The new Explore 4 promotion, and the complete series, offer samples that showcase beautiful and useful designs to inspire creativity and make it easy to produce a wide range of common and not-so-common applications on beautiful papers, from direct mail, hangtags and menus to invitations, posters and packaging.

By continuing to offer the Explore series Neenah hopes that creatives and brand managers can see the unique attributes that colored, textured and heavier papers can bring to every dimension of their work.

Neenah knows that for designers, small jobs can take as much time as larger jobs. So Neenah offers free, downloadable dielines from all four Explore promotions, giving designers a starting point to help shorten the timeline. Download free dielines here:

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