5 Ways to Make Packaging Leap Off Shelves…and Screens

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Let’s face it – even during normal times we’re all looking for something to hold on to. But in the middle of a pandemic with more people shopping online these days, it’s become even more crucial for packaging to not only appear enticing, but also to look like it will be a joy to hold once it arrives at the consumer’s doorstep. That’s where the LuxeFilm offerings from Nobelus really shine…and shimmer…and even make colors pop, too. Prepare yourself for a wild ride through a world of infinite design possibilities, each crying out to be touched, treasured and adored.

The Importance of ‘Touch Cues’

While most consumers form strong first impressions based on what a product and its packaging looks like, scientific research strongly suggests that it is, in fact, what it feels like that seals the deal, reinforcing that initial impression.

But how do you craft packaging – especially for luxury items – that feels every bit as appealing as it looks? The LuxeFilm line tackles this challenge from a number of different angles; which one you choose will really be up to the impression you’re trying to convey.

Nobelus LuxeFilm - PaperSpecs

1. Karess: Rose Petal Feel

When you need your product to exude a silky sensuality, this is your go-to laminate film, and not just for packaging, either. Brochure covers, business cards, wine and spirit labels – all can benefit from the rose petal feel and color popping clarity of Karess. And for boxes and labels prone to repeated handling, Karess SmudgeProof provides a scuff-, smudge- and fingerprint-resistance you won’t find anywhere else. Finally for that extra whiff of sophistication, Ebony Karess offers a Black pigmented matte surface whose consistency cannot be matched by Black ink alone. All can handle spot UV, foil stamping and gluing.

Nobelus LuxeFilm - PaperSpecs

2. FineLinen: A Touch of Class

With its unique emboss pattern, this FineLinen film looks and feels like high-end European linen, adding a rich, appealing dimension to just about anything you can dream up. Its scuff-resistant matte finish also accepts spot UV and hot foil stamping with ease.


3. FineLeather: Fine-Grained Elegance

If there’s a texture more tempting to the eye and fingertips than fine-grained leather, we’re not aware of it. And this FineLeather overlaminate film reproduces that experience perfectly thanks to its unique emboss pattern. Add its scuff-resistant matte finish, and the fact that it also works well with hot foil and spot UV, and you have the makings of compelling packaging, brochure covers and much, much more.

Nobelus LuxeFilm - PaperSpecs

4. ScuffProof: Rugged Resilience

Since business cards, packaging, book covers and a wide variety of other pieces tend to be handled again and again, it pays to pull out the big guns when it comes to overlaminate film: ScuffProof. It features the highest scuff-protection Nobelus offers. Want to add spot UV, glues and/or foil stamping? It handles all of these beautifully.


5. UltraMatte: As Matte as it Gets

Turns out you CAN have it all! UltraMatte laminating film is nearly as scuff-resistant as ScuffProof, but with a 1.5-2 gloss point dullness that’s very close to Karess’ own – it’s a dead-flat matte. It also provides a much higher level of contrast than ScuffProof. And once again, UV coatings, glues and hot foil stamping are easily accommodated.

Nobelus LuxeFilm - PaperSpecs

All five laminates lend your design work an irresistible look and feel perfect for (but not limited to):

  • Soft and hardbound book covers
  • High-use pocket folders
  • Business cards and presentation pieces
  • Cosmetic and jewelry packaging
  • Electronics packaging
  • Flexible pouches
  • Liquor and luxury product packaging
  • Labels
  • Any package with high consumer interaction

Nobelus LuxeFilm - PaperSpecs

Feel What You’ve Been Missing!

Ready to feel what a difference the right laminate can make to your design work? Then you’ll want to get your hands on the LuxeFilm Packaging Sets from Nobelus right away. Each set includes:

  • 1 Folding carton with the rose petal feel of Karess
  • 1 Flexible packaging piece with the high-end European linen feel of FineLinen

Enter to win one of 50 LuxeFilm Packaging Sets from Nobelus now. [THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED]

Karess and ScuffProof are registered trademarks of Nobelus.


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