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To say that digital printing is the greatest leap in print communication since the Gutenberg press is no exaggeration. Its speed, short-run capability and jaw-dropping degree of customization pretty much mean that if you can imagine it, you can print it. “A Bigger Spectrum,” the new book by creative/design strategist Silas Amos, demonstrates the agility, flexibility and creative opportunities that digital print is opening up for brands worldwide.

Amos, who spent more than 20 years in the brand agency world, has crafted an incredible book that demonstrates how different brands are pushing print’s boundaries to their very limits.

Even more impressive than the case studies featured inside is how “A Bigger Spectrum” itself was produced with the support of HP and the design work of James Lunn. Just look at how these vibrant colors pop on high-quality paper from G.F. Smith. The secret? F.E. Burman digitally printed these pages on their HP Indigo 10000 press by first laying down white ink onto colored paper stock and then printing over that. All this was done alongside a bespoke, one-off art print by Supermundane, each one unique to each copy of the book thanks to the variable data printing abilities of the HP Indigo press.

The picture that emerges from the pages of “A Bigger Spectrum” is one of a marketplace in which brands not only have the ability to reach a wider number of people, but also can do that with a keen, surgical precision.

Brand managers can also test packaging on a micro-level before investing too heavily in a new approach. This safety net enables them to take bolder leaps without the accompanying fear that typically comes with taking a new, untried direction.

Perhaps the most exciting advantage that digital printing offers, and one expertly highlighted in “A Bigger Spectrum,” is the far more intimate relationships it allows brands to cultivate with their customers. Featuring examples from Coca-Cola, Boden and SMART, it demonstrates how each print piece is unique and allows a company to speak to people on a much more personal level.

The advances in digital print technology have given us a far greater range of techniques and opportunities to use. Now the only real limit is our own imaginations.

Take a PDF peek inside “A Bigger Spectrum.”

But to truly get the most out of this incredible book, you really need to hold it in your hands. Enter to win one of five copies right now! Hurry, contest ends Aug. 25th!

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