Cool Packaging: Brum Box Playhouse

brum box packaging

Young children famously prefer the packaging over the toys that they contain. Latvia’s Brum Brum wooden bicycle for kids seems to have taken this idea a step further by transforming the box it comes in into a fun, playhouse-like contraption that serves as a parking spot for the bike when not in use.

brum box packaging

Working closely with Stora Enso Packaging, designers came up with this brilliant use for the boxes containing the Brum Brum bicycle.

brum box packaging

The illustrations were flexo printed onto the corrugated cardboard, and can be colored by the child to make this a truly one-of-a-kind play piece.

brum box packaging

And if that isn’t enough, a host of fun stickers are included to make even further customization possible.

brum box packaging

Not only is this a great use of packaging (which, by the way, is still recyclable should your child dismiss it with a bored “meh”), we also love the way it subtly encourages young people to both use their imaginations and think through the possibilities that boxes hold. After all, with the continued expansion of e-commerce, boxes are only going to become a bigger part of their future.

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