Cool Card: Filmmaker Jauretsi Saizarbitoria

get to know me business card

With the contact details on the average business card running five lines deep these days, there’s something almost soothing about this card designed by Aurélien Stein for filmmaker, digital strategist and activist Jauretsi Saizarbitoria. If you’re a designer, your first thought might be, “Hey, that’s almost a Pantone color chip.”

get to know me business card

Admittedly at first glance we thought this card might be a bit too minimalist – I mean give us a telephone number or something. Yet the more we looked at it, admiring the subtle, elegant way A14 Printfinishing foiled her surname to match the rectangle beneath, the more it won us over.

Not only does the overabundance of white space come across as a bit mysterious, it also suggests that absolutely anything is possible. Ditto the phrase “Get to know me,” which can come across as playful, earnest or inviting depending on the mood. In fact the only impression she knows this business card will make for certain is one of professionalism – that’s very much the default impression here. Like a blank canvas, the only image being projected comes purely from the beholder. The fact that you have three cards from which to choose depending on how the fancy strikes you is one more plus.

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get to know me business card


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