LUXSprinkles Comingto a Mailbox Near You!, the leading supplier of plain and custom printed envelopes, is going all out in an effort to stop boring mail and help their customers GET NOTICED!

It’s no secret that in an overcrowded mailbox, colored envelopes get noticed first. Colored envelopes are exciting, and can easily tie together corporate branding efforts giving the recipient something to look forward to opening. Of course realizes this and, with a vast selection of colors, textures, styles and sizes of envelopes – they’re on a mission to help their customers get noticed!

Customers who order White #10 Regular Envelopes with Black Ink printing may be in for a real treat! That’s right, is sprinkling in colored envelopes to select orders completely FREE of charge.

LUXSprinkles consist of #10 Square Flap Envelopes; all come equipped with Peel and Press sealing technology and feature a sampling of LUXPaper as the base stock. The colors included in the FREE Sprinkle Set are: Limelight, Ruby Red, Wisteria, Sunflower, Seafoam, Pool, Tangerine, Magenta, Teal and rustic Grocery Bag.

LUXSprinkles recipients will be delighted after seeing how outstanding their address and company logo look on a variety of colorful LUXPaper envelopes! These Sprinkle samples aren’t made to just sit around, they’re perfect for a ready-to-go direct mail test. So why not pop a few in the mail?  Your addressees are sure to rave about your new vibrant look! is sure LUXSprinkles will help you step up the game and give your brand the attention it deserves.

Although the LUXSprinkles campaign is a limited time promotion, LUXPaper is always around to save the day, by ending the parade of white envelopes in the mailbox and delivering over 25 eye-catching colors. LUXPaper is an exciting new brand that can be found at,, and

To see more of the exclusive styles, textures and colors LUXPaper has to offer, click here: LUXPaper.

Show Us Your #LUXSprinkles!
If you live by the motto, “If it’s FREE, it’s for me!” then this next gig is right up your alley.

Step 1 – Get your FREE LUXSprinkles when you order White #10 Regular Envelopes with Black Ink printing. Click here to order.

– OR – Get straight to it and just order one of the LUXPaper envelopes from Click here to order.

Step 2 – Take a selfie with your #LUXSprinkles and Show Us Your Sprinkles by sharing on
Be sure to use the hash tag #LUXSprinkles in your posts.

Step 3 – Wait for your totally awesome FREE T-shirt to arrive at your doorstep!

Enter to win your own LUXPaper Square Flap Envelopes!



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