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In today’s world of social media and electronic communications, paper is a powerful tool when it comes to inducing an emotional reaction. Consumers are driven by desire, which is why Neenah’s “Feel – Think – Do” model resonates, and is the subject of Neenah’s latest text and cover promotion. Feelings come from a luxurious touch, a powerful sensation, a beautifully textured paper. Designers, you have the opportunity to use the power of paper to first touch hearts, then change minds, and finally inspire action.

When we break down the “Feel – Think – Do” model, it makes sense.

neenah-ftd-1FEEL: Preference – Liking – Impulse

THINK: Knowledge – Awareness – Information

DO: Purchase – Conviction – Habit

Think of your own shopping habits. What grabs your attention? More important, what holds your attention? The right paper awakens your senses and arouses emotions.

A statistical analysis shows there is a relationship between touch and the perceived value of a product. Texture not only evokes feelings, it creates connections. One glance at the right paper and you feel a strong desire, one touch and you form a powerful bond.

Neenah’s portfolio is made up of more than 20 different textures and finishes, including the unique New ENVIRONMENT Raw finish, CLASSIC COLUMNS with its signature lineal finish, the crisply embossed finish of CLASSIC Linen, ESSE Pearlized finish, among many others.

Heavier weight paper grades increase response rates by 48% over lighter-weight papers. Neenah offers the widest range of cover weight papers in the industry, ranging from as light as 54 lb to as hefty as 314 lb cover.


The Right Choice
This is not just about using nicer paper to attract attention. It’s about using the right paper. For example, running shoe advertisements on rough paper were perceived as being significantly stronger compared to the shoe on smooth paper. And the shoe on rough paper was judged to be more suitable for running on soil and heavy terrain than the shoe on the smooth paper.

The right pairing of color and texture can inspire and influence. Different colors evoke feelings that never fade while tactile sensations create tangible experiences that last.

Speaking of color, a consistent use of color to manifest critical messages could increase brand recognition up to 80%. Take, for example, Coke, Nike, UPS, FedEx. Each of these brands “owns” a particular color. Of course these are the brands of huge companies, but the same principle applies to smaller and midsize businesses.

There is another characteristic of paper that can influence. Sustainable product? Use sustainable paper for the packaging and marketing materials. Most of Neenah’s papers are made with a percentage of postconsumer fiber and have several environmental certifications.

All of this information and more is in Neenah’s new FEEL – THINK – DO Text and Cover promotion, along with great examples of different textures and colors, and wonderful demonstrations of how well they print.

PaperSpecs readers, enter to win one of 50 copies of the new FEEL – THINK – DO Text and Cover promotion. But if you miss out, contact your Neenah sales representative.





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