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“Even if we’re not always able to say quite how objects make us feel, we all sense a spirit, better or worse, that emanates from a given set of objects.”

– Alain de Botton


Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue No. 8 explores the concept of “feel,” and was designed by Hybrid Design in San Francisco. Explains Hybrid Principal Dora Drimalas, “Feel is a sensation that is more than the sum of its parts, it is inextricably linked to our senses. It is the special thing that happens when multiple senses conspire to take you down the same path.”

Demonstrative of medium and message, the Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8 is the most bold and ambitious of the Maker Quarterly series in its imaginative use of eight distinctive colored and textured papers drawn from the Strathmore portfolio and The Curious Collection.

Mohawk was recently named the exclusive North American distributor for The Curious Collection, which is comprised of seven beautiful, tactile grades of extraordinary papers, including Curious Translucents, Curious Particles, Curious Metallics, Curious Cosmic, Curious Matter, Curious Touch and Curious Skin.

The cover of Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8 is printed on Strathmore Wove, Riviera Rose, one of four Strathmore Heritage Collection colors introduced in 2015, and inspired by The Strathmore Archive. The cover illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli is the fourth in a series of illustrated covers featuring bold, beautiful patterns.



“With the Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8’s theme, ‘feel,’ we wanted the cover to jump out and grab you, to compel you to pick it up, to feel it physically, but also emotionally. Olimpia’s vibrant, unexpected color combinations and simple expressive characters were the perfect vehicle for that fun, emotional celebration,” says Caleb Kozlowski, design director at Hybrid Design.

The publication’s finished size is 9.75” x 13.25” and features full tabloid spreads printed on five different Strathmore papers, interspersed with short sheets (7.2” x 13.25”) printed on uniquely textured and richly colored papers from The Curious Collection.

“At Mohawk, we embrace the idea that the medium is just as important as the message in creating the ideal experience for an audience,” says Chris Harrold, Mohawk’s vice president of business development and creative director. “It’s the cornerstone of our brand and the hallmark of building emotional connections. Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8 can be deconstructed to encourage further discovery of these beautiful papers, the printing process used and the impeccable design elements. Paper takes center stage in this issue showing each grade’s unique ability to carry the photography and illustration featured throughout.”


Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8 includes the following features:

  • Medium Rare – The music fan’s online go-to, Pitchfork.com, launched a quarterly magazine because there are some stories that just have to be told on paper. This feature showcases the striking beauty of Curious Collection Metallics, Ice Gold, against vibrant images printed on Strathmore Wove and Smooth, Platinum White.
  • Nature’s Calling – Whether it’s a bright, snowy mountain, or a dark, moody forest, photographer Kennett Mohrman captures expansive natural landscapes with both wonder and clarity. A two-page spread printed on Strathmore Cambric and Strathmore Pastelle showcases very different finishes to highlight Mohrman’s stunning photography. A memorable short sheet page of Curious Collection Skin, Black, includes a full color portrait of the photographer. This article is enhanced with bonus content available via Mohawk Live, using HP Aurasma augmented reality technology.


  • The Strathmore Timeline – Mohawk stumbled upon a paper holy grail when it discovered the Strathmore Archive, a collection of rare fine paper samples dating back to the late 1800s. The center spread in issue 8 is a peek at the 7,000+ objects in The Strathmore Archive. This pullout is beautifully illustrated on highly textured Strathmore Pastelle featuring a classic, time-honored deckled edge. Harkening back to the roots of the Strathmore brand, Mohawk continues a legacy of fine papermaking that began in 1892, and remains today as one of the last manufacturers of fine, machine-made, deckled edge papers.
  • Brand Mirror – The best brands in the world aim to inspire instead of simply to sell. Written by Dora Drimalas.
  • The Thing The Book – When artists create every facet of a book, from cover to index, it becomes a work of art. This article is enhanced with bonus content available via Mohawk Live, using HP Aurasma augmented reality technology.
  • Why Design Matters – Alain de Botton, writer, philosopher and author of “The Architecture of Happiness,” believes that good design can help us become the best versions of ourselves. Illustrations by Mike Anderson printed on Curious Collection Skin, Black, adjacent to Strathmore Cambric Platinum White.


The Mohawk Maker Quarterly issue 8 was skillfully printed by Sandy Alexander Inc. in Clifton, N.J. using conventional and UV inks.

To view the publication online or to sign up to receive future issues of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, please visit www.mohawkconnects.com/cultureofcraft.

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