Make Your Tags and Labels as Bulletproof as your Design


Yupo Corporation

It’s a tough world out there: soaking rains, clumsy handling and 1,001 ways your beautifully crafted tags and labels can be mangled, soaked and mutilated. Fortunately YUPO Tag and Label Substrates are there to weather all the shocks and traumas life can throw your way that regular paper stock simply can’t handle.

Trusted by the world’s leading printers and converters for its high-quality, waterproof and tear-resistant properties, YUPO comes in a broad range of competitively priced weights, grades and stocks – available in 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 pt. options.

Looking for a domestic mill that offers superior technical support, customer service and substrates that lead to increased sales and fewer headaches? Discover what you can achieve when you “Do it on YUPO!”



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