Gold & Silver Metalized Laminates: How Pros Communicate ‘Luxury’ in a Crowded Market


Spotlight: Nobelus

When you only have one chance to make a first impression, nothing stops people in their tracks and exudes a sense of luxury quite like the luster of Silver and Gold. And with opaque metalized laminates from Nobelus, you can create your own shimmering, luxurious paperboards faster than you can say “the Midas touch.”

Both Gilt Metalized (Gold) and Mirror Metalized (Silver) Laminates feature a thermally activated EVA adhesive backing and can be layered with transparent films to create stunning visual and haptic effects.

Whether you’re producing high-end luxury packaging, powerful point-of-sale (POP) displays, or anything else that requires an audience to be instantly dazzled, these thermal films – combined with your own overprinted designs – will grab their gaze and won’t let go.


As Good as Gold: Gilt Metalized Laminate

One look at this glittering metallic film and you’ll instantly begin dreaming of the possibilities. On its own, the opaque gold of Gilt Metalized Laminate resembles the surface of a gold bar. But when overprinted with everything from Offset and UV to Screen Printing, it becomes so much more.

And printing is just the beginning. Its 1.0 mil thick polyester (PET) surface is ready to accept your favorite finishing techniques, including:

  • Die Cutting
  • Gluing
  • Foil Stamping
  • Spot Varnish and Spot UV

Either on its own or layered with other transparent laminates from Nobelus, such as Karess, ScuffProof, or FineLeather, Gilt Metalized Laminate is perfect for creating products for any luxury industry, including cannabis, electronics, jewelry, and health & beauty. Use it whenever you need to design high-end:

  • Folding Cartons
  • Loyalty and Gift Cards
  • POP Displays
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Trading Cards

and more.


The Gleam of Silver: Mirror Metalized Laminate

When you really want something special and unexpected, it’s time to call on the beauty of Mirror Metalized Laminate. When paired with your own overprinted designs, it instantly attracts attention with a reflective foil effect like none other. And layering it with Karess, ScuffProof, or FineLeather transparent laminates from Nobelus adds even more visual and tactile appeal.

Follow up your Offset and UV printing with your favorite finishing techniques, including:

  • Varnishes
  • Die Cutting
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Hot Foil Stamping

Whenever you need that extra touch of luxury, Mirror Metalized Laminate never disappoints. Some popular uses include:

  • Liquor Packaging
  • Soft and Hardbound Book Covers
  • Jewelry and Electronics Packaging
  • Rigid Boxes
  • Secondary Cosmetic Packaging
  • POP Displays
  • High-Use Folding Carton Packaging
  • Promotional Pieces

and more.

Whether your next luxury project calls for the majesty of Gold or the hypnotic allure of reflective Silver, you’ll find nothing says “exquisite” quite like Metalized Laminates from Nobelus.

Ready to see for yourself just how opulent and versatile these laminates can be? Enter to win 1 of 50 Metalized Laminate Sample Kits from Nobelus right now. Hurry, this contest ends July 20th! (U.S. entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]

Gilt Metalized, Mirror Metalized, and FineLeather are trademarks of Nobelus. Karess and ScuffProof are registered trademarks of Nobelus.


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