Weekly Quiz: Solve This Picture Puzzle!

Answer: Kiss cut!

Kiss cutting is a form of die cutting most often encountered in labels, stickers and decals. Sheets are run on a letterpress or flexographic press where a very light impression cuts through the adhesive top layer (label), leaving the attached backing material intact. (This process gets its name from the knife or the steel rule die that cuts through the top material but only ‘kisses’ the backing paper without cutting it.)

How Kiss Cutting Works

The die-cutting process involves a metal tool shaped into a specific form and mounted on a die-cutting press that cuts through a wide range of materials quickly and easily like a cookie cutter.

Die cutting includes cutting paper as well as scoring, kiss cutting and perforating, which can be combined into one pass through the press.

Kiss cutting is commonly used for stickers, adhesive labels and similar applications and can be done on a variety of materials such as adhesive-backed foils, papers, vinyl and more.


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