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Spotlight: International Paper 

 Considering just how crucial paper is to us as designers, it’s amazing how little time we actually spend thinking about where it all comes from, nor the delicate balance of human ingenuity and fragile ecosystems required to keep it coming. That is especially true for environmentally sustainable papers like Accent Opaque. Through its clever, 3-dimensional Ticonderoga storybook mailer – a whimsical blend of design, print engineering and augmented reality – International Paper invites you to feel the rain on your face and hear the calls of the wild surrounding its Ticonderoga Mill in the Adirondack State Park. The experience is deeply educational and pure magic. But first, a little history. 

International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer - PaperSpecs

Ticonderoga: Land of Sustainable Paper

For more than 130 years Ticonderoga, the only paper mill based in a publicly protected state park, has produced some of the finest, most sustainably sourced papers in the world. This has resulted in Accent Opaque and other papers that are not only guaranteed to meet your clients’ environmental requirements, but that also should put your own mind at rest on that score, too. Here are just some of its green credentials and initiatives: 

  • The mill runs on clean and renewable hydropower from the New York Power Authority 
  • IP works closely with forest landowners to ensure the health of the greater forest ecosystem
  • IP has invested $2.8 million to upgrade the Ticonderoga Mill’s infrastructure and further green its operations, with those funds derived from an award received from New York state in recognition of the mill’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact.  
  • The company works with several environmental nonprofits, including World Wildlife Fund and The Nature Conservancy, to advance forest stewardship globally. 

To highlight these eco-benefits, as well as to recreate the stunning natural beauty surrounding the Ticonderoga mill for those who cannot see it for themselves, IP partnered with dimensional-marketing wizards Structural Graphics to craft the perfect direct-mail piece.  


Take a Virtual Field Trip

Satisfyingly chunky, the Ticonderoga mailer is printed on 120 lb. Accent Opaque White Cover paper, its smooth finish adding a silky elegance to the charming forest illustrations that grace its front. 


Unlocking the handy tab and opening the piece reveals multiple folds; opening it further still transforms the once-2-dimensional brochure into a 3D wonderland version of the Ticonderoga operation separated into 3 parts: the forest, the mill, and the paper that is made. Each section is accompanied by insightful text to help designers better understand what makes its papers so environmentally friendly. The mailer also comes with several stand-up paper figures including wildlife, a forklift and even a sailboat, that can be placed throughout the different locales. 

International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer - PaperSpecs

As if this wasn’t creative enough, International Paper has also added an augmented reality component to virtually transport you to this enchanting woodland. Simply fire up their IP4D app (Apple/Google Play) and view each section through your phone or tablet. Instantly helpful videos bring each part of the paper making process to animated life.  

Ultimately, the Ticonderoga mailer doesn’t just make you feel more confident and at ease with your choice of Accent Opaque and other International Paper sheets for your work, but it’s also bound to get you thinking about how you too can use a similar blending of paper, 3D design and augmented reality in your own work.  

Eager to see this paradise-in-your-pocket for yourself? Enter to win one of 50 Ticonderoga mailers from International Paper right now! Hurry, this contest ends April 23rd. (North American entries only, please.)  [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]


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International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer - PaperSpecs International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer - PaperSpecs International Paper Ticonderoga Mailer - PaperSpecs


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