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Spotlight: International Paper

In a world still reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have been forced to dramatically rethink how they do business almost overnight. This means boosting sanitation and safety procedures, reducing the number of people they serve in-house at any one time, and moving to single-use menus. Fortunately just because a menu is single-use doesn’t mean that it can’t wow – it all comes down to choosing the right paper for the job. And that’s where International Paper comes in.

Why Single-Use Menus?

With recent studies suggesting that the COVID-19 virus can remain on surfaces for several hours, restaurants must do their best to not only guard against infection, but also be seen to be doing so. A fresh paper menu reassures customers that they’re handling something that hasn’t been touched or coughed on by other patrons, and that the eatery they’re frequenting is looking out for their safety. Paper menus also allow for the quick and easy changing of food offerings, and are themselves made from that greatest of renewable resources: trees!

3 Premium Papers for 3 Different Dining Experiences

Whether you’re designing menus for a quick-service eatery, a mid-price sit down restaurant, or a high-end fine-dining establishment, IP has you covered with three hugely versatile lines: Springhill Opaque Colors, Williamsburg Opaque Offset and Accent Opaque.

International Paper's Paper Menu Playbook - PaperSpecs

To show off just how gorgeous each paper can make your designs look, IP has crafted The Paper Menu Playbook, which features three different menus for those three different levels of dining establishments. On the back of each are the relevant specs and stocking information. (IP also had a bit of fun, naming each after its Ticonderoga Mill, the Adirondack State Park where it’s located, and New York’s Hamilton Lake, respectively.)

  • The Ti Café ($ to $$): Aimed squarely at fast-service restaurants, this menu is printed on a vibrant 60 lb. Goldenrod Springhill Opaque Colors Text sheet.
  • The Adirondack Grille ($$ to $$$): This one is perfect for your more mid-tier franchise culinary destination – think Outback Steakhouse – printed on a slightly weightier 70 lb. Williamsburg Opaque Offset paper.
  • Hamilton’s ($$$ to $$$$): It’s all elegant white napkins and captivating ambiance here, which is why this menu is crafted from a thicker, high quality 100 lb. Accent Opaque Warm White Cover stock – the paper equivalent of that hot spot with the long waiting list and gushing reviews.


The Power of the Playbook

One of the most intriguing aspects of The Paper Menu Playbook is that it demonstrates just how easy it is to boost the image of a restaurant simply by choosing a different paper. If Accent Opaque, that go-to premium sheet, is a perfect fit for high-end establishments, for example, just think of what it can do for the perception of that deli around the corner. In fact the one thought that won’t occur to you after printing your menus on these IP offerings is “These look like they are meant to be used just once.”

Time to Get Your Own Playbook

Ready to see what a difference the right paper choice can make for your next menu design? Enter to win 1 of 50 Paper Menu Playbooks right now! Hurry, this contest ends May 28th! (North American entries only, please.) [THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED]



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